It’s No Longer A Rumor – S&W M2.0 Is Confirmed

Back in August, Soldier Systems Daily broke the story on a trademark filing from Smith & Wesson hinting towards a brand-new version of the S&W M&P pistol line dubbed ‘M2.0’, that we filed under rumor mill.


Well, it’s a rumor no longer because The Firearm Blog found, just recently, Academy Sports had a listing for the new M2.0 pistol line on their website, including this product description:

The Smith & Wesson M&P M2.0 9mm Semiautomatic Pistol features an M&P M2.0 trigger and includes both a control-enhancing grip texture and 4 interchangeable palm swell grip inserts. This striker-fired pistol also includes a corrosion-resistant Armornite finish and boasts a steel-white dot front sight and steel-white 2-dot rear sight.

Features and Benefits

  • Semiautomatic, striker-fired action with a 17-round capacity
  • Corrosion-resistant Armornite finish
  • Aggressive grip texture
  • 4 interchangeable palm swell grip inserts
  • M&P M2.0 trigger
  • Steel-white dot front sight and steel-white 2-dot rear sight
  • Important Product and Safety Information
  • We recommend the use of protective eyewear whenever using or near the use of this item.

    What’s in the Box:
    Smith & Wesson M&P M2.0 9mm Semiautomatic Pistol

    The pistol itself looks ‘sharper’ and ‘more aggressive’ to our eyes when compared to the original M&P pistols, if that makes any sense; Admin described it as “less Glock, more SIG”. No mention of the full-length guide rails our original source hinted at, but the new trigger is confirmed, and the inclusion of new grip texture and palm swell grips is a plus. It also features the new ‘M2.0’ logo in a fairly low-key position, rearward on the side of the pistol’s slide.


    Considering you can’t find the listing on Academy Sports’ website any longer, it’s likely this was an unintentional leak, which makes sense considering SHOT Show is a scant month away. Expect to see more info on the new M2.0 line when SHOT Show 2017 rolls around.



    21 Responses to “It’s No Longer A Rumor – S&W M2.0 Is Confirmed”

    1. Dellis says:

      First off, I so want to go to SHOT Show!! Can I stow away with anyone?

      I go to SEMA but I deal with cars all day every day, so blah!

      I sold all my M&P’s but this one may be in my future. Barrel end looks 1911, rail to trigger area looks SIG, 1911 style safety. Overall good lookin gun.

    2. A.J. says:

      Is it just me or are there holes in the frame on the dust cover above the front rail? Never seen that before.

      • Dellis says:

        I saw those also and it oddly looks like another slide lock hole eh?

        • Yaz says:

          It might hint at a modular frame/trigger module type of system. The SIG P250 and P320 have similar openings in the frame so you can see the serial number.

        • NineWays says:

          Since there is no serial number plate like on the current version, it seems that they’ve changed the frame to extend into the dust cover, and the serial number is marked there.

    3. Gerard says:

      We have a new and improved M&P to compete with the new Rugers and Remington striker fired pistols and Sigs new 320. The industry chases itself, I’ll stick to my old 1911s

    4. Jay Bhea says:

      I don’t understand the chopper beavertail. It’s what made it different from some of the other polymer guns and added to the ergos.

    5. TexasKrypteia says:

      I don’t know if I can contain myself.

    6. canuck_in_da_hood says:

      What is that extra slit of metal in front of the port-side slide stop?

    7. Trent Zimmer says:

      It looks like the slide release may pivot in instead of down. I hope there is a G19 sized model.

    8. d says:

      Probably at least good as the original M&P, which is a good pistol.

      The name bothers me though. If not a single military has adopted it, and it S&W is out of the Army’s handgun program, maybe “Military & Police” is the wrong title.

    9. kris says:

      I am just happy it does not have big douche branding on it like the “grip zone” and “Creed” on some of its competitors.

    10. Pete says:

      For clarification, I wrote this story on 12/17 at TFB. And the pictures used here are the screenshots I took of the listings before they were taken down. I kind of expected to see a credit given to TFB for the original publication.

      • For Pete's Sake says:

        You’re claiming intellectual ownership of screen caps of someone else’s IP? That’s interesting. Do you walk bow legged to make room for those big brass balls?

        Reading the story, it sure sounds like Soldier Systems broke the story of a new M&P pistol back in August.

    11. Frank says:

      I am just hoping they come out with a back strap that has the general dimensions of the small one, but with a part on top like the large one to fill the web of your hand. You really need to have material there to clamp down on with your grip. Most of the inserts make the pistol larger at the bottom of the grip and leave the web of your hand with no way to maintain contact with the grip unless you hold the pistol sideways.