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Salomon Forces – Urban Jungle Ultra Shoe

Black, Smooth Toe, 8-inch utility boot will be available in Fall/Winter 2017

Coming in the Fall/Winter of 2017, Salomon will introduce a new addition to its highly regarded Forces collection. With the new Urban Jungle Ultra boot, Salomon has taken the black, polishable utility boot to the next level and created the perfect solution for police, SWAT teams and others professionals who require a reliable and durable heavy-duty footwear for their demanding jobs.

With an eight-inch upper, breathable yet durable mesh tongue, a protective rubber heel and a breathable collar, the Urban Jungle Ultra places a premium on breathability, durability, stability and protection. The high-traction Contagrip sole prevents slipping on tricky terrain. Available in all black, the shoe will also work well with just about any uniform.

During SHOT Show, the 2017 Salomon Forces line will be in display in ZENO #4803 Level 4 of the Sands Expo.



44 Responses to “Salomon Forces – Urban Jungle Ultra Shoe”

  1. ‘Urban Jungle ‘ -seriously?

  2. justin says:

    Any idea if the upper will be padded?

  3. Todd M. says:

    For being a footwear company, you’d think Salomon would get the be able to get the basics right….this is a boot, not a shoe. I’d like a shoe. Almost got me.

  4. Corbin says:

    Finally! No reason for me to own any other brand of shoe at this point.

    • Robby D says:

      Do you have a narrow foot? Cause I don’t, and Salomon don’t fit.

      Definitely some fanboyism going on around Salomon. Cause they are notoriously narrow. Can’t help but think folks are squeezing their feet into them just because of the brand name.

      • SSD says:

        Go up a half size.

      • Timothy says:

        Are they narrow, though? My Salomons definitely fit wider than my Merrills.

        • SSD says:

          They are Salomons. If the brand fits you well, these should too.

        • Storytime says:

          Black Friday 2015 I purchased my first pair of Salomon shoes from Tactical Distributers. Salomon XA Pro 3D GTX, I needed black (they were mostly black) shoe/boot for work, not .mil or LEO related in any way, and really wanted the water resistance.
          I was excited when I got them, but when I tried to put them on I thought I had made a terrible mistake and nearly swore to never buy shoes online again. I couldn’t put the darn boot on. Actually had flashbacks to Disney’s Cinderella movie and finally understood the frustration of trying a shoe that just don’t fit. So I actually waited a couple days and tried again, suddenly realizing all I had to do was angle my foot down like they were like my western “cowboy” boots. Felt pretty darn foolish and was rather annoyed but they were otherwise comfortable, the sidewall was a little tight at first and I didn’t like the quick-lace system.

      • Lasse says:

        “Yeah fuck Salomon because my feet don’t fit” – Said no one that actually fit into Salomons because they are one of the top tier footwear manufacturers.

        I wish they would make wide sizes just to shut all of you up.

        • Robby D says:

          You missed the point. There’s no hate on Salomon, though they hardly have a lock on good shoes.

          I’m saying they are narrow, and the people wearing them are either fanboys cramming their feet into them solely because they are the rage with the tactical crowd, or the person has as a dainty, narrow foot, in which case they should be perfectly happy with Salomon. They are fine shoes if they fit you.

          I’m guessing you are the dainty type.

          • Timothy says:

            What I don’t understand is why they’re considered narrow. My standard width Merrill Moabs are narrower than my Salomons. I sized up with the Moabs but never wear them anymore because I dislike the front to back play.

            You also sound really bitter for some reason. Is it so hard to accept that other people like Salomons because they fit them and they’re good boots? What is so “dainty” about having narrow feet anyways? I didn’t realize foot shape was a common measure of masculinity.

            • bloke_from_ohio says:

              Some folks have feet that look like they belong in an episode of The Flintstones.

  5. M@ says:

    Any word if they have plans to make their shoes in Wide sizes?

  6. Bill says:

    …and make sure to ignore those of us with huge size 15 feet. I like being doomed to a subpar selection of footwear, and the constant foot pain reminds me that I’m still alive to suffer.

    Eventually a supervisor is going to figure out that I’m wearing New Balance walking shoes to court and indoor details and I’ll get spanked, even though they fit the policy as written.

    • SSD says:

      I’m pretty sure Danner accommodates your sizing needs.

      • Bill says:

        They do. I keep getting Salomons recommended to me. Danner’s late to the lighter-weight boot scene.

        • bloke_from_ohio says:

          Try the Tachyon. They are not the most durable boots on the planet, but they weigh almost nothing and fit my weird hobbit feet. I don’t know if the back ones can be shined though.

        • bloke_from_ohio says:

          The Danner Tachyon is a fantastic light weight option. The coyote brown version of the boot is designed for the Army. It is a little more durable than the lighter synthetic offerings that come in sage, black, and sand. Having tried both versions, I cannot complain about either. Both are light, break in quick, and fit my overgrown hobbit feet quite nicely.

  7. Todd says:

    Half sizing up doesn’t work for me. I really wish they would do wide sizes. They are innovative and good enough they continue to expand their line due to sales and demand. It sucks when your running in a pair of something heavier because they fit your feet.

  8. Bruce says:

    Gore-Tex version?

    • Dan says:

      Dear Salomon,

      I know you make 10 other gore-tex varients, but can you take this breathable boot and get rid of its key feature and make it Gore-Tex? I honestly don’t know what I need it for but it must be Gore-Tex

      • Kev says:

        Rabble rabble…

        This is the one Salomon boot that cops with traditional policies can get away with. As SSD mentioned above, the only folks wearing black boots anymore are cops and security. Does it seem that out there that they’d want a water resistant version?

        • Buckaroomedic says:

          EMS also has to wear black boots.

        • bob says:

          Its a mesh boot…. mesh… for hot sweaty urban areas. And its made of mesh.

        • Dan says:

          But this particular is based on the JUNGLE boot. Come on dude, this boot is clearly not designed to be gore-tex. I don’t dispute the need for a waterproof duty boot, but this boot isn’t it, nor should it be. To turn this boot into a gore-tex boot would be to completely make it a different boot.

          So I stand by my original comments suggesting that some people don’t know what they are asking for. I would suggest they also don’t really know the brand either.

          • kev says:

            I understand your perspective, it’s a literal interpretation of throwing a layer of goretex in this very boot. Others are saying I want a boot that looks just like that with Goretex..hold the mesh.

  9. Major_Northeast_City says:

    The Solomon’s are nice looking boots.
    I purchased a pair of HAIX RANGER GSG9-S about 6 years ago… best boots of this type I ever owned, the soles re made of some kind of proprietary materiel that allow for complete silence when coming up behind someone (unless you’re trampling over dry branches/twigs etc.

    • You got HAIX that have lasted? You won in the lottery of life my friend. Genuinely, not kiddin’

      • Buckaroomedic says:

        Many people in Fire/EMS services swear by HAIX. Have not heard many negatives about them from people who wear them for a living. Can you please elaborate?

        • They make some of the options in the MoD standard issue line up these days. When I was in afghan a few months ago, a lot of the lads, including myself, spent a lot of time in Haix. The standard issue ‘dismounted combat boot, arid environment’ now is a Haix suede knock-off of an earlier design from LOWA.

          Now I am not a dismounted teeth-arms guy (hence the name) and my pair lasted ok being worn every other day (alternating with my own salomons), but a lot of guys had theirs totally fail/fall apart within a month or so of daily wear. Not very hard use either.

  10. When even our backwards-arse hierarchy have moved on from constantly-polished black leather, I feel greatly for anyone still stuck in an organisation enforcing that concept for ‘tactical applications’.

  11. bob says:

    I hope they make a coyote version… the jungle boot is ok but its still suade wich will crack nicely once the salt and silt get into it. Plus this one is all mesh!

  12. Wider says:

    Too black for anywhere… too high for urban terrain… too crappy sole pattern for jungle… too much made in China

  13. John C says:

    Maybe instead of developing new models they should work on the quality of their existing liens. Salomon used to be my go to shoes and boots but their quality has taken a huge nosedive in the last few years. I have had failures in two pairs of their military line of footwear and I moved to Lowa for my duty footwear. I still like Salomon’s running shoes but even the newer pairs that I’ve purchased arnt the same quality that they have been in the past.

  14. Scooter says:

    Some AR 670-1 compliant jungles would be nice. Though at this point I’d just take an all coyote pair of Wuest 4Ds or Jungles.