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VLMS – “People To Kill” Notebook 3-Pack

What with SHOT Show, just around the corner, a pocket sized notebook is always handy to whip out during meeting to jot a few lines.

At 5.5″ x 3.5″ this is a smaller version of Violent Little Machine Shop’s popular “People To Kill” hardbacked notebook. These 40-page gems are lined, memo style and come in packs of three.


10 Responses to “VLMS – “People To Kill” Notebook 3-Pack”

  1. TM says:

    Is it stupid that I want this?

  2. Arrow 4 says:

    Cool, but use it once at work and someone from HR will show up at your house with a cardboard box with your shit and a severance check 🙂

  3. Tech says:

    I use the larger hard backed version as my leader’s book at work. My first sergeant loves it and it gets a good laugh from everyone else. It’s the best book to have “for notes” during any meeting, but especially mandatory resiliency training.

    To Make sure proper credit is given, I believe violent little machine shop is only a distributor of these notebooks, which are actually made by explorers press.

    • IheartPTbelts says:

      I used to have “Shit I gotta Fucking get done” notebooks for that same thing. I don’t think they would go over well at my current assignment.

  4. R. says:

    I would advise those with a CCW to consider how the possession of this notebook could ultimately be portrayed in the hands of a skilled prosecutor or civil attorney.

    • SSD says:

      Only if you’ve got names in it

      • JKifer says:

        people just take shit like this too seriously… snickers anyone..? I personally think its hilarious and just use common sense with where you “pull it out”..

  5. WTF-O? Don’t keep me in suspense; where do I order in time for SHOT? Plus I know a hundred people who will have to have one.
    GPJ 1*