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Thicker Is Better

6 Responses to “Thicker Is Better”

  1. CWG says:

    Dang! Ruger bashing from Taurus USA? Bold strategy cotton.

  2. Eddie says:

    S&W, making it THICC before anyone else.

  3. Thomas67 says:

    And here is the ad that they were responding to:

  4. Rosco says:

    I remember this ad well. It ran in American Handgunner (and perhaps elsewhere). It was in response to an earlier Ruger ad in which Ruger showed a GP100 and a S&W 686 side by side with the ad copy suggesting that the Ruger’s “thicker” construction made it stronger and more durable.

    S&W’s response was brilliant.

  5. Reverend says:

    One advantage Ruger revolvers DO have over the S&W? I can field strip a Ruger Revolver, clean it more efficiently, and do some of my own minor repairs.

    Just sayin’…