S&S Precision Maker Monday – ACS Grenade Trigger Pouches


S&S Precision is pleased to announce our partnership with Advanced Combat Solutions, LTD as the exclusive US distributor of the Grenade Trigger Pouch series.

Developed by Advanced Combat Solutions (ACS), the Grenade Trigger Pouch is a rapid-deployment grenade retention system. With multiple locking mechanisms for safety, the patented Trigger Pouch keeps it simple with one-handed deployment in a split second.

“We at ACS Industries are proud of our partnership with S & S Precision. Together we will ensure that the Grenade Trigger Pouch will become an inseparable part of the defense professional’s equipment in the field of combat and law enforcement.” – Advanced Combat Solutions, LTD.



  • Simplifies the operation of a grenade
  • One hand operation
  • Improves the extraction speed of a grenade while insuring the safety of fighters in extreme combat situations
  • Easily attaches to PALS/Webbing and locks securely in place
  • Protects the tip of the pin and secures the pull ring
  • “S & S Precision has never been a distribution company, but when ACS first launched the Trigger Pouch we became very interested in partnering with them to do just that. ACS’s product design and development methodology fits with what we have and will continue to manufacture for our Warfighters and LEO’s. We pride ourselves on making products that are streamlined, safe and, above all, more efficient!”

    – Drew Borland, S&S Precision, LLC


    Limited quantities of the Flashbang Grenade Trigger Pouch are available on S&S Precision’s website.

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    5 Responses to “S&S Precision Maker Monday – ACS Grenade Trigger Pouches”

    1. d says:

      Dig it.

      Makes total sense.

    2. xpoqx says:

      They should have included a video demonstrating the rentention system and the one handed removal/deployment, seems like a no-nonsense idea though.

    3. Kris says:

      The price is not bad either considering its from S&S.

    4. Lightfighter says:

      Was feeling skeptical but this video makes a very strong case for the design and utility: