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SHOT Show 17 – Crye Precision

A couple of years ago Crye Precision made the decision to not exhibit anything new at SHOT Show that wouldn’t be released on that same year. Consequently, there aren’t a lot of new items on display but they are definitely worth checking out.

Maritime JPC 2.0

The big story is the Maritime JPC 2.0. Using the basic construction of the JPC 2.0, including the rapid don/doff capability, this Maritime variant is manufactured from wayer shedding materials like mesh. Models available to accommodate SAPI and Swimmer Cut armor plates.

Maritime Pouches

Crye Precision created a suite of Maritime Pouches accompany the Maritime JPC 2.0. Using similar mesh construction of the Maritime JPC, the suite consists of Frag Pouch, GP Pouch 6x6x3, 5.56-7.62 Pouch, GP Pouch 9x7x3, 152/Bottle Pouch, amd Pack Zip-On Panel which are the most popular of the Smart Pouch Suite (SPS).

Maritime AVS

Similar to the Maritime JPC, this version of the AVS was developed for a special customer. They eliminated the foam in the back panel and incorporated printed mesh.

MOLLE Zip-On Panel 2.0

Updated version of the original, zip-on panel for Crye armor carriers. Incorporates bolt cutter/hydration pocket. All of the 2.0 zip-on panels are now available in just two sizes, S/M and L/XL rather than four sizes for the plate bags.  Fits many other brand vests.

Pack Zip-On Panel 2.0

This Top Loading zip-on pack panel incorprates bolt cutter/hydration pocket as well as two side access mag pockets. Fits many other brand vests.

Pouch Zip-On Panel 2.0

Like the others, this zip-on panel also attaches to the rear of an armor carrier. This one features the bolt cutter/hydration pocket as well as two side access mag pockets, but it also offers GP pouches which will accept the SPS inserts. Fits many other brand vests besides Crye.

Hitcoat Shoulders

Some customers wanted the molded armor protection of the Hitcoat shoulders but in a fashion which would attach to a more traditional armor vest.

Range Belt

The Range Belt is very similar to the LRB except that it offers an Austrialpin buckle for convenience as a more traditional belt and no hard loop. It’s not intended as a life support item.  Designed to be worn alone, inside the Modular Riggers Belt, or on top of the MRB Inner Belt, the Range Belt has inner Velcro to mate with the MRB Inner Belt. Additionally, it can be worn with other belt systems.

Contaminated Water Dive Suit

Developed for the Office of Naval Research, this dry suit attacked the problem of the interface of the suit to the full face mask which is where contaminants often infiltrate.

The Crye Precision solution was to move the interface away from the face as seen here.

One advantage is that facial hair doesn’t affect the seal. Additionally, this solution eliminates the head harness, long the source of headaches.


– Eric Graves
SSD Editor


12 Responses to “SHOT Show 17 – Crye Precision”

  1. Marcus says:

    Damn. I was hoping for a lead on the Six12 release.

  2. A1 says:

    “A couple of years ago Crye Precision made the decision to not exhibit anything new at SHOT Show that wouldn’t be released on that same year.”


  3. Burned says:

    Disappointed the Frag Shorts never went into full production.

  4. Gravedigger says:

    I´ve heard that CRYE released the new G4-Suit at the SHOT-SHOW too. Any information?

  5. Mitch Conner says:

    When the hell is the Six 12 going to come out !!!

  6. TLL says:

    They showed the standalone shoulders, but I’m curious as to what came of the hitcoat vest itself. There never seemed to be a lot of information on the vest, and I was curious to see if the design had been dropped, or was just put on the back burner for a while. I know it went from the vest and sleeves, to the vest, sleeves, and shoulders. IIRC, they then came out with a collar piece that could attach modularity to the hitcoat vest (and possible be compatible with other systems as well). Any further info would be appreciated. Cheers.

  7. d says:

    Good move making the back panels compatible with other vests.