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Redback One / Knight’s Armament Co – Aimpoint High Mount

Here’s a sneak peak of Red Back One’s new high mount for the Aimpoint Micro, designed and developed by Jason Falla and manufactured by Knight’s Armament Company.

This is a list of features that drove the somewhat unique design of this mount:

1. It is ideal for maintaining a more natural head up shooting position which maximizes speed of sight acquisition and minimizes the effects of eye strain and sternocleidomastoid fatigue.
2. It allows increased performance when using CBRNE equipment and gas masks with the ability to adopt a natural cheek weld for shooting.
3. It is perfect when integrating passive targeting methods with night vision goggles when operating on modern battlefields.
4. It weighs significantly less when of other optics mounting systems due to its design and materials.
5. It will accept a magnifier or NVD behind the combat optic for longer range shooting and scanning.
6. Unlike legacy systems RBO’s mount will allow the end user to utilize the BUIS as a redundant system without the need to remove the mount.


10 Responses to “Redback One / Knight’s Armament Co – Aimpoint High Mount”

  1. 3isen says:

    Any word on pricing and release date?

  2. Victor DiCosola says:

    “It will accept a magnifier or NVD behind the combat optic for longer range shooting and scanning.”

    Great concept getting ones “head up”. Not sure on the eye relief placing a NOD and/or a magnifier behind in the current rail position shown? Even if you backed up the mount 2 slots, it appears it will not go back far enough without your nose way over the charging handle to view into a 14 for a full FOV . Removing the rear BUIS may do the trick though.

  3. jbgleason says:

    “and sternocleidomastoid fatigue.”

    Well OK then.

    • ARman says:

      Haha…agreed. It’s a bit pretentious. The writer looked at an anatomy picture of the neck on the internet and picked the neck muscle that sounded most complex.

  4. Ray Forest says:

    Reminds me of the TAG East promo video where the MP5k’s all had the Aimpoints mounted 5″ height over bore. His background may suggest this as an inspiration. I just figured the Aussies used that mount because proper mounts were not readily available there with them not being allowed to have a gun culture and all.

  5. Chuck says:

    Very neat. Is this a new material or is the weight saving mainly through the construction design?

  6. Darrel says:

    The idea really isn’t to mount a NV Monocular behind it, it’s mainly for putting the optic higher up and closer to where your eye will naturally sit when you’re using head mounted BNVDs and simply looking through the device for passive night vision aiming so you don’t have the ‘turtle’ while shooting.

    This is a pretty good idea for those that are constantly using BNVDs and want to cut down on weight.

  7. PTMcCain says:

    Today I learned a new word:


  8. Chris says:

    Having done some shooting from behind a pro-mask with irons, red dots, and ACOGs….I do see how this mount could really serve a shooter in that posture.

  9. If you know you’re definitely going to have to stick on the old face-rubber, not having to tilt your head 90 degrees to the side to get a sight picture would certainly be nice.