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TacJobs – USSOCOM Offering Fellowships to Industry

SOF AT&L has established a venue called SOFWERX; an unclassified, open collaboration activity designed to bring non-traditional partners from industry, academia, and the government together to work on USSOCOM’s most challenging problems.

USSOCOM has vacancies for energetic technical experts from industry to be Exchange Fellows in the SOFWERX innovation environment. Ability to work in a dynamic environment is a must.

Desired Industry Fellowship qualifications:
1. Software Programmer – Coding
2. Senior Software Programmer – Algorithms
3. Electrical Engineer – Control Theory
4. Aerospace Engineer
5. Robotics Engineer
6. Systems Engineer
7. Mechanical Engineer
8. Software Programmer – Mobile Developer (Android etc)

Fellowships will be managed under a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA). Lengths will be negotiated but expect between three and 12 months.

Terms and conditions: The private sector organization providing the Industry Fellow will have full responsibility for payment of all salary, allowances, and any benefits (i.e. medical care, worker’s compensation) to their participating employee(s), including any travel and/or relocation expenses if the individual participant selected is outside of the local Tampa area.

Resume: Interested parties should submit a resume, five pages maximum, to [email protected].

Applications are due February 21st. For full details, visit www.fbo.gov.


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