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Sentry Products Group – 1080 Technology

Sentry Products Group was founded by former Blackhawk! CEO Mike Noell. He’s combined several existing brands including Scopecoat and Sentry Solutions while assembling a great executive team consisting of Terry Naughton, Scott Ferros and Eric Yeates. Now, they’re introducing completely new products. Some of their first are packs featuring 1080 Technology.

The 2,300 cu in Tumalo pack is available in two versions. Both are offered in Black and Wolf Grey.

Tumalo Extreme – constructed of 550D Rip Stop TPU. YKK waterproof zippers combined full seam sealing offer ultimate water resistance.

Tumalo Air – lightweight version constructed of 550D Nylon Rip stop.

The Tumalo pack is outfitted with patent pending 1080 technology. It’s PALS compatible and will accept pouches in different orientations rather than just vertical.

“I wanted to take a new approach” stated Eric Yeates, Vice President Research and Development for Sentry. “For years I focused on developing products to military specification and I wanted to achieve that same quality level, using cutting edge materials and techniques”. Sentry’s 1080 Technology builds on this concept allowing users to quickly mount pouches and accessories securely, in horizontal, vertical and diagonal orientations without any intermediary mounting panel. The 1080 Technology incorporates laser cut, wear resistant Hypalon panels, shaped to mimic product profiles. “Along with streamlining the overall appearance, eliminating the nylon webbing and bar tacks associated with traditional molle construction reduces weight and retains structural integrity of the base materials.” concluded Yeates.

The pack’s three storage compartments are accessed through dual slide YKK zippers. Interior features include hydration access port, integrated laptop sleeve, mesh organizers and key lanyard. Front panel includes a quick access slash pocket. Airframe technology reduces heat build up for the user, while 1080 equipped padded shoulder and a removable waist straps enhance carry comfort.


7 Responses to “Sentry Products Group – 1080 Technology”

  1. cimg says:

    The PALs alterative is awesome, simple but awesome.

    • CWG says:

      Agreed. Though the laser cut hypalon material was cool for the weight/size savings, 1080 attachment sure seems to be the first significant leap post pals/molle.

  2. STEPAN1983 says:

    WHAT??? Do you guys have any idea how PALS works? Significant leap my ass! By the way, person who attach sheath in the photo above, doing it the worst way possible, skipping webbing loops.

    This 1080 is clearly another failed attempt to make “PALS with angled pouches”. It is obvious that 1080 will work well only for diagonal attachment – the “webbing” here will be almost at the same place where real PALS webbing presented. The horizontal/vertical attachment is a failure -the distance between “webbing” loops along the horizontal direction is wrong (not 1.5 inch), different than dsitance between your pouch clips, meaning that you need to either deform the hypalon panel or deform the pouch

    • Steak TarTar says:

      How much hands on time have you had with the pack? Oh you haven’t had any?

      Move along, sir.

      • Luke says:

        He’s not wrong, it is simple math and a working knowledge of the spec. It might have even been up for debate on scale, but they where nice enough to include a PALS pouch in the photo for a reference point. It will likely work vertically for certain pouches, but poorly.

  3. aldon says:

    Wasn’t 5.11 working something like 1080 last shot show ? Hexgrid

  4. industry guy says:

    Dear Eric Yeates, The key word in R&D is R-E-S-E-A-R-C-H. You apparently didn’t do any because 5.11 tactical came up with this two years ago and has a patent pending on this which they call HEXGRID. Good luck with the legal issues, next time do more R-E-S-E-A-R-C-H before you waste time, money, and design resources producing something that already exists.