GAOS – Long Ranger with Sights by Henry Arms

I know it’s odd to see a lever-action rifle on SSD but the new Long Ranger with Sights by Henry Arms caught my because of the callers it’s offered in; .223, .243 and .308, making it an interesting choice for those who own plenty of AR family rifles but are looking for something different which uses their already existing ammunition supply. It’s a solid gun at 7 lbs.

These lever-action rifles rifles feature American Walnut stocks and 20″ barrels. However, unlike most lever-actions, they are fed from a steel-bodied detachable magazine which is flush-fit (5-round capacity in .223, 4-round in .243 and .308) with a steel floorplate and a blackened steel release button on the right side of the receiver.

This image from Henry Arms gives you a better view of the rear sight.

Shipping March, 2017 from


6 Responses to “GAOS – Long Ranger with Sights by Henry Arms”

  1. jbgleason says:

    No tube mags with pointy ended calibers. Bad things happen under recoil when that rounds tip is pressed into the primer in front of it. Bad things.

    • Bad Dancer says:

      I believe this is why they’re using removable box magazines instead of the normal tube. Similar to some of the browning lever action rifles and Savage 99s.

      I’d love to see one of these as a take down.

      Way to go Henry.

  2. Kevin says:

    One of these that accepted the corresponding AR magazine might be handy

  3. ving Thorr says:

    very handsome, and made in Wisconsin–I like it!!!

  4. Tony says:

    I’ve used those folding Williams’s rear sights for many years. That is a great choice.