Anteris Alliance “A Pillar of Patriots” Welcomes Modern Spartan Systems

Anteris Alliance(2A): an organizational network of outdoor manufacturers and service providers bonded by their dedication to support our Veterans and First Responders and their families through the manufacture and market insertion of top quality products and services!

Post Falls, ID. February 10, 2017 – Anteris Alliance, LLC was founded in early 2017, based on the concept of companies working together to do more than they could accomplish by themselves from demonstrations, events, sales and ultimately Veterans and First Responder support. Already, with over 32 brands and counting, the mission has taken hold at every level. Whether as a manufacturer or service provider, a buyer, or a patriot there is a way for everyone to be part of this great mission!

Modern Spartan Systems is a partially vet owned company, we have lots of friends and family that are or were in the LE and Military, and have from the beginning supported some excellent vet oriented charitable groups.
“We are excited about the concept of what Anteris Alliance is all about, who they support and how they go about it. Once I started talking to and meeting the people involved, I knew this was a great fit for us,” stated Marcus Kahn, CEO of Modern Spartan Systems, “We are here to sell top of the line products, but it is about much more than just money, iIt is about being a part of a community of “real Americans”, lots of these guys are “real American heroes” – makes me proud – this is fun!”

There is no small way to say what Modern Spartan Systems brings to the table. They are a specialized high tech chemical company that just wants to CHANGE THE SHOOTING, TRANSPORTATION & MANUFACTURING INDUSTRIES. In a safe/GREEN way they are able to SOLVE certain UNIVERSAL PROBLEMS. Their formulas detoxify (deep clean metal) unlike anything else, dramatically reduce metal to metal friction (up to 90%), extend asset life (pretty much flat-line metal wear), and minimize contaminant re-adhesion (create a low stick surface). The chemistry affects the physics and performance of physical objects in very positive ways. In essence, the products OPTIMIZE the functionality, accuracy and reliability of firearms, motorized vehicles, cutting tools…! The products are proven – just not real well known – YET!

“For me this is personal. We are in the process of taking back America and making it great again. The people in our industry, and particularly in Anteris Alliance, get it. This group not only wants economic growth, but has an additional purpose of helping our vets and first responders in a way that honors the reasons that these people have made their sacrifices – WE ARE ALL ON THE SAME TEAM – I LOVE IT!”
???????Marcus Kahn – CEO

If you are a dealer, OEM, LE, military or media member, shooter… we need to talk. To learn about what we can do for you, you can visit us at www.modernspartansystems.com reach us at [email protected] or call at 847-669-1640, or as a dealer reach out to Wingspan Solution at [email protected] to get set up as a dealer of Modern Spartan Systems products.

“Learning more about young companies such as Modern Spartan Systems, and what they want to accomplish beyond just selling a great product, is one of the main reasons Anteris Alliance exists!” added Casey Betzold, CEO of Anteris Alliance, “It is paramount that we have a family of companies that are dedicated to a much larger picture, and to leverage their entrepreneurial spirit to support others. Marcus and his team are a great add to the Alliance!”
Interested Manufacturers, Dealers, and Individuals can visit www.anterisalliance.com for more details and follow Anteris Alliance on social media on all major platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter!

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