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Outdoor Research – Wilderness Cover

Outdoor Research suggests these uses for their waterproof/breathable Wilderness Cover:
1) Wear it as a poncho
2) wear it as a poncho with the bottom cord cinched up around your waist
3) use it as a waterproof bivy sack
4) rig it as a mini-shelter or tarp
5) stuff it in the included stuff sack and carry it with you to use while backpacking, hunting, hanging out at a music festival, or crewing at an ultra marathon
6) keep it handy so you can show your friends all the cool stuff it can do.

In fact, OR claims the only thing you can’t do with their Wilderness Cover is use it as a raft, but they’ve obviously never built a poncho raft.

Offered in Black and Hops (seen in photos).

Thanks JK!


9 Responses to “Outdoor Research – Wilderness Cover”

  1. ALAN says:

    This is nice, but…


    Had one of those issued to me in the either late 80s or early 90s,and it had so many configurations and shit it could do,it was ridiculous. It actually came with a mini-field manual,so you could learn all it did, and how to get it to do that (it WAS kinda complicated).

    • SSD says:

      After Ecotat Systems closed, Wiggy’s started selling them. Wiggy’s had been building them under contract for Ecotat anyway.

  2. Asinine Name says:

    So the old Wallcreeper bivy without the $1,000 price tag?

  3. Gerard says:

    Very nice piece of kit. Other companies make ponchoes but this is easily one of the best.

  4. Blimey, that is well priced for that much hardshell, especially from someone like OR.