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Capable Citizen – U-Loop SOB B-Sling

Capable Citizen LLC was founded in 2016 as a collaboration between a number of individuals with backgrounds in law enforcement, wilderness survival, product development and tactical and competitive shooting. Their flagship product is the U-Loop SOB B-Sling which was developed by SGM John McPhee (USA, Ret) aka the Sheriff of Baghdad.

The U-Loop version of the B-Sling (a Capable Citizen exclusive) came about as a response to the current trend in rifle handguards.

With 1913 Picatinny rails being replaced with cleaner, lighter, smaller handguards featuring newer interfaces like M-LOK and KeyMod, sling attachments have been slow to keep up. Instead of adding mounts to these cleaner, slimmer handguards, they decided to use the excellent Blue Force Gear U-Loop to allow you to directly and securely mount your sling anywhere on the rail you like.

This mounting method eliminates the cost, weight, and bulk of dedicated sling mount attachments commonly necessary for most slings. The U-Loop is also compatible with almost any sling mounting location for most rifles in use today. This aspect may be especially helpful to contractors who have to work with whatever weapons they are provided and may not know in advance what accessories will be supported.

The versatility of this mount allows you to attach the sling virtually anywhere along most handguards, without having to purchase or move any special mounting hardware to do so.

By locating the adjustment mechanism at the front of the sling in a fixed position, the release mechanism never ends up behind the user’s field of view and remains in a consistent location. This eliminates the need to look or feel around for a release in order to get the sling loose enough to shoot with, it’s always up front on the gun close to a support hand firing position, for predictable, fast access and greater economy of motion.

The slings total weight with the included Combat Band is 2.3 oz. It is available in Black, MultiCam Black, MultiCam, Ranger Green, and Coyote.

Other exclusive products include their tailor made wilderness survival tin, and a yet to be released covert handcuff key holder (expected late Spring 2017).

As a thank you to Soldier Systems followers, the first (100) orders to use Coupon Code “SSD” will get a free Capable Citizen Thin Blue Line US Flag sticker with any purchase made.

Please go to www.CapableCitizen.com to order.


3 Responses to “Capable Citizen – U-Loop SOB B-Sling”

  1. Great sling – Possibly the greatest piece of sling hardware around right now (imho). Hooks right around KeyMod or M-LOK no sweat. Not the best for the front point on an MS-X style if you want to switch between 1 and 2 point, but if you’re not fussed about that then they’re epic.

  2. JKifer says:

    I’ve gone through almost every sling out there, and have finally settled on this one.. in my worthless opinion.. its hands down the simplest, and easiest to use sling there is.. and cheap enough to have one on every platform..

  3. Geoff says:

    Good morning! Looked on your site, but could not find contact info. Always here to discuss your raw materials needs. Would certainly appreciate a moment of your time. 216-702-0757