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HK433 Brochure in English

This is the English version of the brochure for the new HK433 which was recently unveiled by Heckler & Koch as a contender for the Bundeswehr’s planned replacement for the G36.






The entire brochure can be downloaded from our friends at SPARTANAT.


18 Responses to “HK433 Brochure in English”

  1. Gerard says:

    Im amazed its published in English. HK usually expects their customers to learn German because you suck and…(relax Im kidding) I dont want to start another avalance of comments.

  2. JP says:

    This looks like they took the lessons learned from the 416/417 family, SCAR, and ACR, and built a rifle from them. I am interested to see where it goes, and it will be eventually available and supported in the U.S.. My only complaint is that they went keymod over M-lok, and the 9 o’clock rail interface may not work well with the charging handle.

    • Default.mp3 says:

      HKey is not compatible with KeyMod. I’ll also note that some of the other documentation that has been floating around says that M-LOK handguards are available upon request. H&K is an M-LOK licencee, by virtue of having of competed in (and winning) the CSASS program; hopefully someone will put in an order for the rifle and request M-LOK, and with some luck, maybe we’ll eventually see it stateside, given the new plant their building won’t be building M27s forever.

    • cimg says:

      agree, charging handle gives homage to the ole G3/MP5 but really see it in the way of anything on the top rail.

    • Huch says:

      Also looks like HK tried to top the SCAR on its FDE coloring. “People really seem to be responding well to the 3 different colors on the SCAR, so let’s take it to 11 and add a 4th shade of FDE on our cheek rest.”

    • LCSO264 says:

      There is an M-Lok forend in the works as well. The charging handle is ambi, or can be mounted to either side.

      The support side forward charging handle is not only a return to the roots of the HK roller lock guns, it allows for manipulation while the rifle is shouldered. I bet they researched and demo’d the hell out of this before committing to the forward charging handle..

  3. NineWays says:

    The suppressor looks like a SureFire/Gemtech/KAC mashup. Is there any more info about it?

  4. John says:

    The suppressor I believe is a B&T Rotex.

  5. SwissTech says:

    The can is from B&T, no surprise there.

  6. BravoMike says:

    Awesome info. Thanks SSD for posting this.

  7. Scott Slack says:

    Interesting that they’re advertising an optional round counter. Could be handy, especially if it is secured against someone trying to use it to find them in the field. Perhaps that’s a paranoid worry, but the world is weird.

    • CWG says:

      I read your post like four times and still can’t figure out what you think will happen or why.

      So probably yeah, too paranoid.

    • charlie says:

      The document states it’s RFID based, which means it has an effective range of a couple of inches, max. RFID is also a passive system, the RFID reader is what transmits the signal.

    • LCSO264 says:

      I believe the round counter feature is a requirement of some EU countries, but I could be mistaken on that.

  8. DangerMouse says:

    I noticed they list “green brown” as an optional color. Isn’t that the standard color the gear used by the tactical police units in Germany?