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TNVC & Unity Tactical – TAPS Pro Video Instructions


The Tactical Augmented Pressure Switch – Programmable was designed by Unity Tactical and is available from TNVC. They’ve collaborated on this instructional video.

Now available on TNVC’s and Unity’s web sites. Volume dealers and distributors welcome.

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4 Responses to “TNVC & Unity Tactical – TAPS Pro Video Instructions”

  1. Arrow 4 says:

    So what happens when the battery runs dead on the switch? and how easy/difficult is it to swap out the battery? Simplicity often rules the day. While the SureFire SR-D-IT switch might not be everything you want, it seems to me to be better than worrying about a battery going out on a switch.

  2. Chip says:

    The battery has 3,000 “press” hours. So, when you consider that each press is either a fraction of a second or a few seconds at a time, you are looking at that battery lasting forever (for practical purposes). But, if the battery dies, then the switch goes into redundant mode and functions the same as the Surefire switch. The programming stays in memory, so when you change the battery, your presets will come back on line. The battery change is as easy as removing TAPS from the rail, changing the battery, and putting it back on.

  3. Trent Zimmer says:

    What Chip said. In addition we also offer TAPS which functions just like a regular pressure switch and does not use a battery. It also offers direct mounting and a robust polymer housing.