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FirstSpear Friday Focus – Multi-Purpose Pack Available As Non-Standard Non-Stocking

This week, we take a peek into a line of designs seldom seen outside of the organizations who commissioned them. Non-Standard Non-Stocking items have been designed by FirstSpear at the request of Professional Users to meet a unique mission set. Occasionally, FirstSpear will make a few extra. Due to the specialized nature and limited production of these items, colors are limited.

Originally developed as a medical pack for a US Special Operations unit, this pack can easily be adapted for use as a range bag, E&E pack, or 1 day pack. Features include hydration compartment, padded shoulder straps, 5 external pockets and compression straps.



3 Responses to “FirstSpear Friday Focus – Multi-Purpose Pack Available As Non-Standard Non-Stocking”

  1. Dellis says:

    Great pack! It’s very versatile in that it organizes well something like first aid or multiple things such as some ammo, some first aid, some snacks, etc.

    Now where’s the smock! 🙂

  2. Logan Crooks says:

    I swear they set up the one with medical supplies the way they did just to get back at some Medic who gave them the silver bullet. Because there is no rhyme or reason to the way it’s set up and every time I see that picture of the pack my OCD flares up like a mofo. A Hemostat with minor wound supplies? An OPA with a CAT while the NPAs are in a different pouch? The HALO Seals separate from the decompression needles, with two in one pouch, and then a random other one in another? Ugh, I can’t even.