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KitFox Design Group Firearm Coloring Book

From the KitFox Design Group comes this detailed, adult coloring book featuring your favorite firearms.

The book features 27 pages of illustrations and it was obviously a labor of love.

Available from a variety of sellers, we found it at www.noveske.com/collections/extras/products/kit-fox-firearms-coloring-boox.

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12 Responses to “KitFox Design Group Firearm Coloring Book”

  1. PPGMD says:

    Do they make enough shades of crayons black to make it accurate?

  2. Marcus says:

    Send it to the Fourth Circuit. Just expect to get the box of crayons back half eaten.

  3. Easy E says:

    I always lose to the urge to eat any crayons around me, so I could never do this :(.

  4. Torch says:

    So this is what CSM always meant when he told me to “Shut up and Color”

  5. Big_Juju says:

    Just need some Magpul brand crayons and I’m ready.

  6. Rem870 says:

    Awesome 🙂 I want it!

  7. Joe says:

    Great present for the Marine in your life… they get issued a 24 pack of Crayola’s every paycheck! Hey they gotta eat more than proteinot!