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Arbor Arms – Flex Release Cummerbund

Arbor Arms’ Flex Releasable Cummerbund Kit (FRC Kit) is a cummerbund retrofit kit that incorprates the Arbor Arms FLEX Cobra buckle by AustriAlpin. Additionally, the kit replaces the cummerbund’s standard, wide bands with these three 1″ elastic straps.


However, the Flex Releasable Kit goes even further than just replacing your cummerbund with a simpler means of closure. It’s also a releasable system for their plate carriers.


You might recognize this as the Derma cummerbund from Ares Armor, but Arbor Arms is the new company by designer, Jon Zum.


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11 Responses to “Arbor Arms – Flex Release Cummerbund”

  1. Dellis says:

    Now that’s slick. Does this void side armor or pouches, is there a way to have those with this set up?

    • Jon says:

      If you look closely, seems to have a very similar setup to the JPC cummerbund so you could mount pouches as needed

    • Arbor Arms says:

      We will be coming out with side plate and prc 152 radio pouches to be MOLLEd inside the cummerbund. It may sound uncomfortable but it is actually even more comfortable with the side plates IN! The elastic holds the plates to your body so they move and flex with you as you change position, rather than flopping around and beating you up.

    • Arbor Arms 6 says:

      The cummerbund is a proprietary woven MOLLE elastic that allows for the attachment of MOLLE pouches on both inside and outside, i.e. you can run a side sapi pouch inside and a radio, MED Kit etc on the outside even if they utilize the same slot.

  2. dudeabides says:

    This looks exactly like the Ares Armor Derma PC set up they developed with AustriAlpine some years back.

  3. I wasn’t exactly sold at first, but you’re getting quite a lot out of their Shooter PC really. Love to see it with a Vel Sys compatible modular front, but the combination of the Alpins, quick-release, internal mesh and cummerbund is very nice. The 2-layer factory elastic is a superb piece of textile engineering work, big props whoever designed that.

    Getting the 4 point release in the cummerbund kit is again a good looking value, certainly seems like it could integrate with a LOT of carriers out there already.

  4. Arbor Arms says:

    Two key features not mentioned:

    1 The elastic is an all new proprietary woven MOLLE elastic which means it comes off the loom ready to be MOLLEd on to and dose not need to be stitched and inherently weakens to make it MOLLE compatible, thus greatly increasing the service life over current elastic cumber buns.

    2 The elastic to buckle interface is end user serviceable so if the elastic every gets cut or worn the end user can replace the cummerbund in the field

  5. JKifer says:

    I had the original Ares Armor setup on my PC and found it to be a great improvement, but lacking in some areas.. this version seems to have fixed those issues and looks much more well thought out…

  6. Kyle says:

    Excellent product. I’m very happy that you are making this product again Jon. It was the best upgrade to the vests that I have had before and I will be ordering one from you again.