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FirstSpear Friday Focus – ACM Mid 400 Shirts

ACM Mid 400 is the next layer of performance merino from FirstSpear amd the focus of this week’s installment.


ACM Mid 400 is a dual layer material using super fine polyester on the interior and their 100% USA Merino Wool exterior.

The poly wicks away moisture from the body and transfers it to the absorbent wool exterior providing an exceptionally high performance garment that can be worn all on its own or as another base layer which works great under the Wind Cheater or your Squadron Smock.

The Mid Shirt is super tough and ultra soft with a comfortable fit that still has quite a bit of stretch to it. The 2/3rd length front zipper allows extra ventilation and a high comfortable collar to keep your neck covered. The dual layer material is light weight and wicks away moisture when its hot and traps warmth when its cold. Made in the USA with USA materials.


Available right now in 3 new colors, Commando, Manatee Grey, and Sand. Charcoal coming soon!

Order any Mid Shirt this weekend and get a FREE 32oz FS Water Bottle included, no code neccesary.


7 Responses to “FirstSpear Friday Focus – ACM Mid 400 Shirts”

  1. JB says:

    Why would you put a polyester layer against the skin? That negates the unique benefits of merino wool.

    • Gerard says:

      A lot of companies are experimenting with wool/poly bends and mixes. They try to find the perfect balance between wicking and wool. For most people 100% merino wool works perfectly

    • fred says:

      +1 to what JB said.

      The only attribute I see of polyester next to skin is that it’s impossible to get BO out, it always stinks. This layer poly/merino will be too hot, period, I’d bet, at 50F. 200 wt merino, I’d buy in a second, and layer over if it’s below 40F, or I’m not moving, or it’s windy, or whatever..

      • Gerard says:

        It really depends on the tempature range. Cimbers are finding mixed poly/wool base layers to be highely breathable and moisture wicking. I dont personally rock climb but have worn poly/wool blends in extreme cold activities in CT. Garments like that breath extremely well and dry faster/hold less moisture than 100% wool

    • Lasse says:

      Helly Hansen LIFA Warm series does the same. It’s effective in terms of transporting sweat away from your body without feeling wet. It does however have a colder hand feel towards skin, and it is less effective than single layer pure wool in the same weight. For high output activity it works well.

  2. Collin says:

    But how does it compare to my waffle top? That’s the real question.

  3. Y.T. says:

    I’m hoping for something close to Tan 499 for OCP compatibility.