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Kryptek Knee Pad

As Kryptek works on their new tactical line, they’ve introduced some new technologies from several materials suppliers. For example, this bi-component kneepad which was developed under a cooperation between Vibram and D3O. Vibram is now working as D3O’s Berry partner to manufacture their shock absorbing foams here in the US.

Here, you can see how the Vibram kneecap is applied to the trouser. The D3O pad is placed in a pocket in the knee of the trouser.

Here is the reverse of the two knee pad components.



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4 Responses to “Kryptek Knee Pad”

  1. Aleks says:

    And there is still option of attaching D3O trust knee pad system?

  2. HFluggleman says:

    There’s a sucker born everyday!

  3. REMF Tacticool says:

    I do like this as a way of providing a crye-style system without violating CPs’ patent, having tried the D3o trust internal pads I’m not a fan (guessing patagonia also have a patent as well). But, and I know this is super petty and irrelevant, I just cannot get past the look of those external pieces. They probably have nice grip properties but you look like you’ve got the heads of a rubber cobra stuck on each knee; just a real kiddies playset kinda vibe to my eye. I’ll have to keep staring at the pictures to try and get used to it I think.

  4. JB says:

    I wish Kuiu, Sitka, or First Lite would just license Crye’s kneepad design and incorporate it into hunting pants. They’d sell thousands.