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Panteao INSIDE STORY: The Warfighters

This is Segment 1 of Episode 1 of Panteao INSIDE STORY: The Warfighters. It covers “Real Instructors vs the Posers”. These is quite a bit of content in these episodes so they are serializing them.

In this segment from INSIDE STORY: The Warfighters, Kyle Harth, Aaron Barruga (Guerrilla Approach) and Robert Keller (Gamut Resolutions) are posed the question, “How do you weed through the real instructors sharing knowledge on the forums, social media and YouTube versus the posers? ”

The segment is sponsored by BLACKHAWK!
Special thanks to the staff of Bourbon Columbia for their hospitality.

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7 Responses to “Panteao INSIDE STORY: The Warfighters”

  1. Kit Badger says:

    I like this segment, it definitely tackles a hard subject… The issue of credentials too, while a part of the equation, leaves out so much. I don’t know if there is a hard fast metric.

    I will say I have met and worked with some amazing people, resumes for days, but god damn… …they open their mouth and rocks fall out. No ability to make that information consumable and understandable.

    Conversely, I’ve seen “soccer moms” teach firearms fundamentals, which in fairness they learned from “good” instructors, and had their students understand and be able to perform those skills in short order…

  2. Terry Baldwin says:

    I’m very glad to see this kind of relevant content being produced. I’m even more pleased that younger guys like Kyle, Aaron and Robert are actively engaging in these types of conversations. Well done.


  3. Dado says:

    I’d like to hear examples of some of these “fakers” techniques. There are a ton of videos of articles on fakers, hollywood shooters and cool guy bull**** but how about give me an example. I don’t need names or to stir the pot, but tell me what the wrong technique is or where it is referenced. Something to help weed out the rabble from the pros. And don’t say “well their names are all over the internet”. Everyone, especially pros, have haters online. Remember the “temple index” clusterphuq from a while back? Internet went wild with equal amount of people for and against.

    • PTMcCain says:

      Couple clues:

      If a trainer announces he is going to start shooting people, there’s Clue One.

      When he puts photographers downrange in front of students shooting handguns, there’s Clue Two.

      • Dado says:

        I more had that video in mind where the guy rolls out of his pickup truck and shoots while upside down etc.

  4. Bill says:

    These clowns hired the death blossom doofus Sonny Puzikas so I guess they have experience. Maybe they should put out a video to trainers to recognize when they won’t be paid.