Robar – M1 Garand Service Grade Enhancement Package

Here is what ROBAR is doing to non-collectible M1 Garands.

Robar’s Service Grade Enhancement Package ($1895) consists of:
-Supply and Install New Barrel, Headspace and Time
This service includes the removal of the old barrel and installation of a new barrel. The chamber will be finish reamed to give proper headspace within military specifications. The take off barrel will be returned unless directed otherwise.

-Supply and Install New Op Rod

-Metal Refinish
This service includes the disassembly of the rifle, surface preparation and coating/plating of the metal parts to match new laminated stock. Rifle will be reassembled and function fired. Includes NP3 plating 10 M1 Garand Clips. Removal of excess pitting is not included.

-Fit New Laminated Stock/Return Old Stock
This service includes the removal of the old stock and transfer of the stock hardware from the old stock to the new laminated stock. We will also make sure the hand guards have appropriate clearances and the trigger group lock-up is properly tight, but not too tight.

-Supply and Install New Gas Cylinder

-Trigger clean up, remove creep, 4.5 lb+
Remove all noticeable creep from second stage, but maintain a crisp military two stage trigger pull and a trigger weight of at least 4.5 lb.

-Supply and Install Ultimak Scout Mount

NP3 Plus on Bolt, Gas Cylinder, and Op Rod – Add $50
NP3 Plus Entire Rifle – Add $100

Leupold FXII 2.5X Scout Scope w/QR Rings Coated to Match Receiver – $400
Burris 2-7X Scout Rifle Scope w/QR Rings Coated to Match Receiver – $550
Wilderness Tactical Sling – $55


11 Responses to “Robar – M1 Garand Service Grade Enhancement Package”

  1. PTMcCain says:

    I’m usually not “that guy” who protests the desecration of historic military surplus firearms but in this case…I’m just going to have to be that guy I guess.

    This is just wrong, on so many levels.

    If you are fortunate enough to obtain a historic M1 rifle, please, make it as pretty as you want, but do not do this to it. Refinish the stock to bring it back to what it was before, reparkarize it, but keep it as authentic looking as possible.

    For the children…

    • Captain Obvious says:

      it does say “non-collectible” in the very first line…

      I have no issue in doing this with a reproduction.

    • Eddie says:

      I’m sure there are PLENTY around for historical value. It says for non-collectable M1s. I half agree with you on the keeping it kosher if you’re going to restore it, but people want what they want. Obviously there is a demand for this with so many rifles that aren’t worth the change to bring back to WW2 specs. I am not gonna lie, this looks pretty good to me.

    • It says in the very first sentence “Here is what ROBAR is doing to non-collectible M1 Garands.”

      If you have a “mixmaster” that has non-matching barrel, receiver & trigger group, there’s no reason not to do this.

      • PTMcCain says:

        Just say no…no matter if it is a “mixmaster” … that whole debate is silly anyway given how M1s were cared for during WWII and Korea.

        Friends don’t let friends Bubba their M1s like this.

        Again, think of the children…and cute puppies.

        Oh, the humanity of it all.

        These wonderful rifles deserve to be treated with great respect, in whatever condition they are found.

        Not this.

        • Jeremy says:

          Uh, it’s a gun. Of little collector’s value. If this were something truly rare like an FG42, sure, feel free to be up in arms. Fetishization of a gun that was produced in the millions is…strange.

  2. Matt says:

    I personally wouldn’t do this, but there are many FrankenGarands out there. It would be nicer if they offered a type of M-1C type scope mount.


  3. Moshjath says:

    I think the target market for these are folks who live in areas where an AR or other type of modern sporting rifle is not as feasible to obtain due to various bans and other legal restrictions.

  4. Major Smoof says:

    Whatever, I dig it! I basically set up my Chinese M14 clone the same way, though the scout optic right now is my Aimpoint PRO pulling double duty.

    Fun rifle with good power that can be more readily used in the great white north.

  5. bloke_from_ohio says:

    I don’t think this counts as the work of Buba the gunsmite. These guys looklegit.

    Besides, they give you the old barrel back. I imagine you could ask for everything the pull off the gun to be returned. Or if you don’t trust them to not lose something, strip the parts you are worried about before you ship it out. Then you can always put the original barrel and gas system components back on the receiver with your old stock and have the gun back to its original state with a new better metal finish on the receiver. The scout mount works by clamping onto the barrel (a new one in this case) and does not need you to drill or tap anything. So it can come back off with no trouble or mess.

    The outfit in question is first and foremost a refinishing outfit and they have stuff that looks a lot like a parkarized finish. Ask them to do that if you are super worked up about the “original look”.

    • bloke_from_ohio says:

      I did not take into account any headspace changes in the above set of comments, but I assume that can be dealt with.