As Seen At Tidewater Tactical

12 Responses to “As Seen At Tidewater Tactical”

  1. CWG says:

    Amazing. Hopefully when they hit the website they have solid non trucker mesh types.

  2. Geoff says:

    This could be real OR this could be an April Fools joke that will actually sell.

  3. Michael Diaz says:

    Such a great hat. I have one and of you don’t know what it is its a fun conversation starter.

  4. brilliant design. Love it.

  5. Thomasjane says:

    Finally a hat to wear with this shirt..

  6. PPGMD says:

    I know it is meant to be a bit of a joke item, but maybe it would work with a GoPro night vision mount.

  7. Erick says:

    Must have been a joke. Still isn’t on their site.