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Combat Flip Flips Introduces American Flag Patches For Floperator 

This set of Velcro-backed American flag patches are designed specifically to fit on the straps of the Floperator sandal.

Made in USA!



6 Responses to “Combat Flip Flips Introduces American Flag Patches For Floperator ”

  1. AbnMedOps says:

    Well and patriotically intended, I’m sure…but (although these are not technically “flags”, and might be more in the category of “bunting”) a review of the US Flag Code and other writings on flag etiquette might lead one to question the symbolism and propriety of this display on…footwear??

    • D Ras says:

      Agreed. cutting up a flag patch to put on a flip flop is not appropriate. As long as we’re on the topic of Combat Flip Flops…I’d rather see US companies hire US veterans than Afghan villagers. No amount of corporate welfare or labor exploitation (a blurry line) will fix a culture stuck in 1100 A.D.

      Today an as of yet un-identified US soldier gave his life for a red white and blue flag with 13 stripes not 7. Being a veteran owned company, these guys should know better.

  2. Hubb says:

    I’m gonna put my 3%SheepBadger patches on my flippy floppies!

  3. PTMcCain says:

    The American flag on your sandals? No.

    Just. No.

    • Leo says:

      Wow. I am almost I ashamed I had to react to that comment with laughter.

    • Jeremy says:

      You really are Grandpa Grump in every comment section aren’t you? I’m going to assume your lawn is pristine.