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Saber Solutions – Multi-purpose Panel


The Multi-purpose Panel from Saber Solutions adapts the USSOCOM issued AVS pouch components onto other armor carriers and provides a Velcro panel for various chest rigs to secure onto
It also allows for a configuration of velcro backed pouches to be set at various angles to the user’s ergonomic preferences.
It features FirstSpear 6/9 technology and weights 6 oz.




3 Responses to “Saber Solutions – Multi-purpose Panel”

  1. babola says:

    No one dare to mention the price!


  2. d says:

    Took me a minute to wrap my head around what it does. SSD, you might show a picture of it in use.

  3. A slightly taller version/package to include some QASMs for full placard integration in one item would be sweet. Nicely done either way, nice bit of OEM work by FS.

    Saber’s discreet rifle bag is one of the best looking bits of gear I’ve seen in a long while too.