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Sneak Peek – Shadow Carry and Thread Optic Ready Pistols

Coming soon from Shadow Gunworks are the Shadow Carry and Threaded Barrel, Optic Ready Pistols. Their Glockish design is reminiscent of a G19.


9 Responses to “Sneak Peek – Shadow Carry and Thread Optic Ready Pistols”

  1. Darkhorse says:


  2. NCO says:

    Does it fit in a glock holster? They could make it a little prettier…

  3. Diddler says:

    “Glockish?” Really? If I reverse engineered a Honda Civic, but change some of the lines to make it look like it had a stroke, used a bunch of small OEM/OEM replacement parts, and added a wing/fart-tube to it would this be a new car or a Civic?

  4. Joe says:

    It looks like another milled G19 upper on the lonewolf timberwolf frame.
    The only glock part that won’t fit on the gun is the proprietary mag-release.

    If these were $600, I’d consider it…but most of these custom shops are charging a lot for piecing together a G19 with some fancy milling and a different frame (I did like the feel of the Agency recontoured and stipples timberwolf I held at the LGS).

    • Joe says:

      ETA: not a timberwolf frame…and these use OEM 3rd gen mag-releases (which are too small for most hands in my opinion).