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NRA To Unveil “Carry Guard ” Program Of CCW Training and Insurance At Annual Meeting In Atlanta

In Atlanta later this week, the NRA will unveil a new concealed-carry training program along with a new concealed-carry insurance plan. Created by a team of veteran SEALs, Green Berets, and Law Enforcement experts, NRA Carry Guard will will feature tiered offerings of both training and insurance. There will be Bronze, Silver and Gold levels. Additionally, there will be a new magazine available, “NRA Carry Guard Magazine.”

So far Larry Vickers and Dom Raso have endorsed the program which will involve indepth instruction and qualification standards. However, all current NRA-certified instructors, law enforcement officers, and military personnel are eligible to apply to become Carry Guard instructors.


16 Responses to “NRA To Unveil “Carry Guard ” Program Of CCW Training and Insurance At Annual Meeting In Atlanta”

  1. tremis says:

    And now we see some of the conflict with USCCA.

  2. JayfromVA says:

    Guess that explains the sudden USCCA “disinvite”… I guess it really was about pushing out the competition…

  3. J.D. says:

    Ahhhh there’s why the USCCA was not/disinvited.

  4. Joe says:

    I did not realize that USCCA offered CCW class curriculum.

  5. mandingo says:

    Am I the only one seeing the potential for a problem here?

    The NRA is developing a channel to monetize a concession in your 2A rights. (They’ve totally made concessions in the past that compromised us).

    There are liberals that have been pushing for the concept of high-priced insurance policies as a requisite for the exercising of the right of firearm ownership.

    And It bothers me to see the NRA making moves to not only advocate for the idea, but to profit from not fighting for us.

    • Casey says:

      This would be the perfect “common sense” thing for the dems to cry should be mandatory. I mean hey if the NRA is pushing it it must be a necessity! Save the children!

    • Will Rodriguez says:

      Hold up on the pitchforks and torches.

      IF the NRA’s program is anything like USCCA it’s NOT what the anti-gunners are trying to force on gun owners. USCCA (and other companies like US Law Shield who I use) don’t provide LIABILITY insurance which is the insurance the anti-2A’s want us to have. USCCA and US Law Shield provide the gun owner means to pay the legal bill to defend themselves. There’s a WORLD of difference folks.

    • CWG says:

      These dollars we’ll defend

  6. Will Rodriguez says:

    FYI, US Law Shield still beats the NRA’s program hands down. UNLIMITED attorneys fees for criminal AND civil proceedings for almost a third of the price and the NRA’s top tier program only provides $150k for the criminal case. FYI, the Zimmerman trial was well over $2mil. (Not an endorsement of Zimmerman the problem child but the way the media and the legal system went after him should cause pause in every gun owner.)

  7. Bruce Monro says:

    The USCCA has been offering a tierd system
    Of benefits and classes on CCW/ Home Defence
    For over 5 yrs now. Looks like the NRA
    did a major copycat on them. If it was patented
    There would be a major lawsuit.
    Seems to me like a very low blow by the
    NRA!! Please don’t get me wrong, I’m a
    Life Member of the NRA, and a member
    And Concealed Carry/ Home Defence
    Instructor for the USCCA.

  8. I became a USCCA Instructor because after reviewing the NRA courses I have found that the USCCA course is more polished and more informative. The last class we had was 50% women. Women are the fastest growing demographic in the conceal carry arena. The NRA Carry Guard has militarized their director staff with Special Forces which is fine, but not everyone wants to go to boot camp again. The NRA has gone to E-Learning which severely cuts down on person to person time especially with new shooters. Bad idea.
    News Flash NRA— All of the organizations you banned (dis-invited) from your annual meeting supported the NRA with money and ad time during the election. I always believed the NRA was a unifying force. It appears I was wrong. The NRA has taken a lesson from the Democratic Party and learned how to divide and conquer amidst their own ranks. Since the NRA is scared of competition I predict the gun grabbers will have a hay-day.

    P.S. In the USCCA classes we never say anything to disparage the NRA. We still support them. Maybe they will see the example we set and have a change of heart.

  9. Appalachain Gun Slinger says:

    Larry Vickers seems to jump ship as many times as the seasons change. First he was with Daniela Defense now with Bravo Company. most recently with CCW Safe now with the NRA Carry Guard. What gives here, competition is great for the consumer and further expands the field. I am disheartened by the uninvited by the NRA of USSCA. Two good organizations with similar mission only seems that together these organizations would be stronger even if they have similar business models. As for Spokespersons or Celebrities, Military, Law Enforcement endorsing organizations and products it is now too shaky to even hold it to candle light. It seems that for them one product this week then whomever pays more they will sign their name just like all the others. I hope not MSG Vickers I hope not. I would love to see you explanation of why the changes of endorsement.

    • SSD says:

      First to jump ship? So two rifle companies in the span of 10 years is jumping ship? You need to take a hard look at this industry. I’m watching guys go through two and three companies a year.