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MASF to Attend NRAAM in Atlanta, Georgia

Modern American Shooting & Firearms Inc. is a 501(c)(3) Charity Nonprofit Education Organization, founded by Baraka Ulrich James, who is passionate about applying the Second Amendment in everyday life by promoting firearms education, safety, training and instilling the proper mindset to develop other responsibly armed citizens. MASF places particular emphasis on the fact that we as individual, law-abiding American citizens are endowed with our God-given right to protect ourselves and our loved ones. Making people aware that we are each responsible for our own lives and safety. The National Rifle Association’s Annual Meeting is attended by members from all over the nation who share similar goals, making it a great place for MASF to conduct outreach at the grassroots level.

Founder Baraka James looks forward to meeting other gun owners in Atlanta and said, “I am excited to go and see other NRA members face to face and looking forward to seeing our sponsors and supporters in Atlanta this Saturday.”

Those interested in meeting with Baraka James or other MASF board members, should contact him at [email protected].

For more information on MASF visit www.masf.co.

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