NRAAM 2017 – Springfield XD-E

Here it is, “The Hammer Reinvented.”

It’s a single stack 9mm. Interest here at the show is very high.


The magazine offers 8 round capacity, with an extra round courtesy of the optional mag extension.


This screenshot of their presentation gives a few of the gun’s details.


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15 Responses to “NRAAM 2017 – Springfield XD-E”

  1. Adam says:

    Meh. Someone will buy it. Love my xdm and xds though.

  2. Stefan S. says:

    Meh here too. Issues with the feeding of certain Hollow Points in the XDS 45 turned me off.

  3. Matt Miller says:

    All I want to know is if it will be California legal or not

    • SwampFoot says:

      If you stay there you’ll be carrying a muzzle loader or a bow and arrow if they have it their way! May as well get a really well balanced spear and practice, practice, practice.

  4. Gerard says:

    Hammer fired guns will continue to be valued, an argument can be made that they are more reliable than striker fired pistols. It’s good to have choices

  5. JoeG says:

    Dumbest. Idea. Ever.

  6. Jason F says:

    Ugh… that trigger is horrible. I have very average sized fingers and I had a hard time getting my finger in to the front of the trigger guard to get on the trigger in any sort of comfortable manner. It basically never was good in terms of feel. And the trigger pull length!? It felt like you just kept pulling on that thing for days before the hammer dropped.

    No thanks XDe.

    • Reverend says:

      Okay, so it wasn’t just me who felt this way when I handled it. WHEW! I didn’t say much because it just felt “off” to me. And YES! That trigger pull for the hammer felt like that old Grendel .380 that you top loaded that a friend owned… S/A didn’t impress me with this one.

  7. Ben Busse says:

    I too shot an XD45 when they were originally released and it didn’t fit me. I never followed them after that so forgive me if this is common knowledge: Is this the first in the XD series without a grip safety?

  8. Alternator says:

    Springfield can go straight to hell.

  9. Papa Whiskey says:

    After the shit Springfield just pulled in Illinois, I’ll never buy another of their products.

  10. Another_Ed says:

    For a few ounces and a few dollars more, you could have an alloy frame SIG P239 with a shorter overall length yet a longer barrel and a wide choice of grips.

  11. K Molodecki says:

    Has any of you shot or even looking at the XDe yet. Most of these comments seem to be about what you think about the XDe without even handling one. I will wait till I can handle a firearm before I put it down or build it up

    • Sam says:

      The gun is not out yet so not sure what the deal is. I tried the shop demo model and the trigger had an exceptional double and single action. Grip was great. My Springfield XDM is a tack driver with great trigger action and grip. The XDS may be small for some but once again awesome trigger and action.