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AAC’s Dual – Silencer Solution – Introducing the New Halcyon Modular Silencer

Huntsville, AL – Advanced Armament Corp., LLC (“AAC”) is pleased to announce today its new Halcyon modular silencer.

AAC set out on a mission to create a dual silencer solution (2 silencers with 1 stamp) that outperforms the competition. In doing so, our team has raised the bar for rimfire silencers with the new Halcyon modular silencer.

Featuring the same tool-less design as the Ti-Rant 9M & Ti-Rant 45M, the Halcyon can be easily disassembled and/or re-configured as a full-size or compact silencer in seconds. The advanced design of the shielded titanium K-Baffles are keyed for repeatable port alignment and set the standard for tone and accuracy.

The serialized titanium rear tube, FNC stainless steel end caps and anodized 7075-T6 aluminum front tube are all finished in armor black Cerakote. The Halcyon is rated for use on pistols, rifles, and machineguns chambered for 22 LR, handguns chambered for 5.7 x 28mm, and firearms chambered for 22 WMR, 17 HMR, and 17 M2.





5 Responses to “AAC’s Dual – Silencer Solution – Introducing the New Halcyon Modular Silencer”

  1. Dellis says:

    Ya know what stinks about buying these suppressors? In the 9months it takes to get the one you bought there is either new and better stuff out and/or it will be 50% off in some “blowout” sale!

    • Texas-Roll-Over says:

      Welcome to wonderful world of NFA items. You have to be patient if you want to play.

      As far as the Halcyon is concerned…that’s a whole lot of silencer for $449!

      I’m ordering mine next week. I’ll never need another 22LR silencer…ever

      AAC’s marketing isn’t as cool as it use to be, and they don’t give out free s**t at shows (but then again somebody had to pay for all that free stuff), but when it comes to them making a great silencer…you really can’t knock them too hard.

  2. Jay Mackey says:

    Seems like they stole the design from Rugged Suppressors Oculus.

    • Texas-Roll-Over says:

      Remington is slow at everything, there’s no way they stole the idea seeing as they came out with the TiRant 45M in 2016 and TiRant 9M in 2017

      it’s a continuation of their modular design.

  3. tcba_joe says:

    Wonder how it compares to the Q Erector which can be “10 suppressors” according to AAC’s count?