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TenCate Blowing Out Over 1 Million Yards Of Fabric

Considering so many readers are small business owners or DIYers, I thought this would be a great share. TenCate Protective Fabrics is having an inventory clearance sale. They have over a million yards of fabric that they need to get rid of at significant discounts.

They have woven flame resistant fabrics in different weights and styles (ripstop, plain weave, twill). Different prints and colors (UCP – yes, they still have that), old-school woodland, black, khaki, etc.. They also have flame resistant knits in various shades, weights and styles (mesh, jersey, pique, interlock, etc.). Many of the fabrics were made for military use, but they also have fabric used in the oil and gas, electrical safety and fire safety markets. For pricing and additional information, please contact John Blackmon.


3 Responses to “TenCate Blowing Out Over 1 Million Yards Of Fabric”

  1. b_A says:

    I can’t see John’s e-mail address.

    • John Blackmon says:

      Thanks for posting, Eric. For those interested in the specific products being offered, send me an email at [email protected].

      • Alpha2 says:

        John Blackmon..is Rick Fydrych(sp?) still with you guys in Morgan Hill? If he is tell him his “old neighbor” says get to work slacker.