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SOFIC – Geissele Automatics Introduces Mk13 Trigger

This new Mk13 trigger was designed by Geissele at the request of NSWC-Crane. It fits the AI chassis and Stiller action only and is specifically intended for use by snipers. The reason I say this is that because it is non-adjustable, its commercial appeal will be limited. Geissele sets this trigger at the factor and in this case it’s 2-stage and 3.5 lbs. The trigger was also specifically designed to pass Crane’s 5′ drop test unto steel plate with the safety off. This is the first time a bolt gun trigger has passed the drop test with the safety off. Finally, it uses Geissele’s proprietary NanoWeapon coating.


7 Responses to “SOFIC – Geissele Automatics Introduces Mk13 Trigger”

  1. PTMcCain says:

    Fits all AI chassis systems, including older models, like the Artic Warfare?

    I’m intrigued.

    • the Dude says:

      Ai chassis like the AICS, or AX model. Not the AI AW Rifles. Stiller action only.

  2. Ross says:

    I need this in my life..I have a MK13 Stiller action in the MK13 AI chassis…..I need it.

  3. Burdy says:

    So let me get this straight, no bolt gun trigger, except this one, can be dropped 5 feet onto a steel plate without going off if the safety is in the firing position? That’s interesting. I am sure Savage’s Accutrigger would pass this test but it would be meaningless to the military since after passing the test you would have to run the bolt again to unblock the sear. Geissele continues to impress.

    • the Dude says:

      What is interesting is that the CG Extreme trigger claims “Optional safety mechanism passes the U.S. military 1.5 meter multi-axis drop test” but doesn’t state if it’s with the safety on or off.

      Yes, geissele does continue to impress. I know they say stiller only but if this trigger would work in a 700 action I bet they’d sell like hotcakes.

  4. tackleberry says:

    How is this for the Stiller action only, the MK13 action is basically the Tac300 which is a M700 based clone? Have a Huber stage in mine presently.