SOFIC – Handl Defense Introduces SR25 Magazine Magwell Adapter For HK417

Handl Defense has been making accessories for the FN SCAR for years and thought they’d try their hand at Heckler & Koch weapons. A common complaint of the HK417 is that it requires proprietary magazines. Not anymore.

Thanks to Handl’s new 417-M110 magwell adapter, the weapon will now accept SR25 pattern magazines like this one from Magpul. The HK417’s magwell is already oversized to accommodate the thick walled H&K magazine, so there’s plenty of room for the patented insert. It also uses a new magazine release.

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9 Responses to “SOFIC – Handl Defense Introduces SR25 Magazine Magwell Adapter For HK417”

  1. the Dude says:

    Very cool, makes me contemplate a 417 if HK will release a civilian version similar to the csass.

  2. Vic says:

    Seems pretty damn timely with HK winning the CSASS contract.

  3. Marcus says:


  4. Rodney says:

    No thanks, I’ll be sticking with the HK mags…

  5. chad says:

    As someone who owns a few AR10s I like it. I might look at an HK MR762 instead of the OBR now. I think it is silly we can’t have one mag for all 308 guns. It is one reason I never bought a SCAR or M14.

  6. chad says:

    Very good idea. I would not normally think of buying a gun with proprietary magazine. I think its a gimmick to fleece money. It’s why I didn’t a buy a scar. This opens the door. HK mags are what $100?

  7. Disco says:

    Steel mags in MY 417?! I am getting sick of winning today! SR-25s are great but 417s can be a little handier at times. The HK mag is fine but there are SOOOOOOO MANY pmags out there.

  8. Martin G.B. says:

    Great idea, here in Germany the mags cost about 69€, a PMAG .308 M3 20 round cost about 25-30 €.

    I can´t find a price for the adapter and when it´s available…

  9. Maurizio says:

    very useful stuff , need a couple of those ASAP but is anybody at Handl alive , they do not answer to the phone / reply to the emails