Urban Operator – “NEMESIS” Fighter belt

Built with two layers Milspec nylon webbing
Good width to carry heavier loadout
D-Ring extraction ring integrated within the buckle
100% hand made in USA by Veteran

4088 type 13 Nylon webbing
Mil-Spec 17337 Nylon webbing
Mil-Spec # 69 Nylon bond thread
1’’ inch AustriAlpin Original Cobra Buckle with D-ring
Mil-Spec Velcro


3 Responses to “Urban Operator – “NEMESIS” Fighter belt”

  1. Gerard says:

    Great belt to wear when carrying in a non permissive enviroment. It basically says…’I have a fucking Gun’

  2. Jack says:

    Can you get it without the d-ring?

    • HSR47 says:

      There are dozens of companies making belts like this without the d-ring buckle. Ares Gear makes a decent one.