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Blade Show 2017 – CRKT Persevere

This is the CRKT Persevere, designed by Chuck Cook of Dundee, Oregon.

Persevere provides the axe head, you provide the handle. The axe head is Black powder coated and features glass filled nylon pins to hold it in place along with the attached nylon cord. The Persevere also comes with a woven sheath. Now get this, it’s only $29.95.



11 Responses to “Blade Show 2017 – CRKT Persevere”

  1. Stefan S. says:

    Like having an axe with a handle is too much of a burden? Not looking to injure someone with a bad knot or frayed 550.

  2. dellis says:

    Now not having any blade attached to a handle with paracord but having used paracord in various forms, wouldn’t this stretch and loosen after some use then you would need to tighten? Yes I read where it has “pins” holding it in place but would you trust it?

  3. SamHill says:

    If you plan on needing a hatchet bring a real one. Emerson is coming out with a new one soon. Winkler makes fantastic axes and so does RMJ.

    I guess this one is for unexpected emergencies but it’s a no-go for me because it’s made by China river knife & tool.

  4. DSM says:

    So I guess the intent of this thing is to be able to provide an axe/hatchet in the smallest package possible for something like an emergency or survival kit? I mean if I’m going off purposely into the wilderness I’m going to carry a freakin’ real axe but if my plan is not to be then it’s better than nothing. I would prefer any type of securing device, pins in this instance to be steel as well though.

    I think a return to basics approach in studying Mesolithic hand axes would be a worthwhile approach in terms of simplicity as those stone axe heads weren’t hefted into a handle.

  5. MP says:

    How to you cut down the branch to use as the handle if you don’t have an axe already?

  6. ALAN says:

    As a compact axe/hatchet head, I have been eyeing this family of them, however, they are quite pricey just to throw in your truck,truck bag ect, but worth it if the time comes you need one I suppose.

    The chainsaw survival saw posted here earlier on SSD, and a cutdown USGI machete (or any good machete really, just that a cutdown USGI model is fairley inexpensive, sturdy and plentiful) can handle 99.999% of emergency/survival needs.

    However, I like that ideas are floating around. And, I am not pissing on CRKT at all…I have 1 or 2 of their knives as backups in all my “Go Bags” around here. I have used it in a deployment even,come to think of it, and it performed excellently.
    My 1 gripe with it would be that it is a bitch to sharpen for some reason.

    • Chuck Cook says:

      One, yes I am that Chuck Cook.

      I wondered across this and thought I would add a couple things, use a Lansky with the bolt through the hole in the middle, you can make them very sharp it’s quick and easy.

      Getting a handle, use the tool like they did in the stone age, the hand made version is called a Hand Axe because it’s named after the stone aged tool.


  7. Steve O says:

    Mr. Cook, thank you for weighing in on the posts. I have two on order and may get another for my other son. Great way of being prepared without the bulk, that you may never needs. But that’s just my $.02.