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GunfightersINC Closeout Liquidation

Over the past year we’ve accumulated some oddball returns, prototypes, and other random holsters. We also have leftover stock of Gen1 Kenai holsters and Gen2 stuff as well. We decided to clear this stuff out in a big way over the 4th of July weekend. Unlike sales in the past, this deal is limited to closeouts on hand. Deals range from 30-80% off. More items will be posted daily.



3 Responses to “GunfightersINC Closeout Liquidation”

  1. Jake0331 says:

    Hey SSD, FYI the link you have to their website takes you here: https://soldiersystems.net/gunfightersinc.com/product-category/4th-of-july-sale/.
    It’s a 404 page. The text of the link is correct, just the hyperlink that’s wrong.

  2. Dellis says:

    Great gear from Gunfighters!