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TacProGear – TPG Whiskey


TacProGear has expanded their product offerings to include branded whiskey, Cinnamon Honey Flavored whiskey to be precise. TPG Whiskey is 100% corn whiskey, aged for 27 months in White American Oak Barrels. 80 proof, 750 ML a bottle.


4 Responses to “TacProGear – TPG Whiskey”

  1. LowSpeed says:

    Put Rip-It in it. Or don’t. : )

  2. Dellis says:

    Flavored whiskey might be in some folks taste arena but the cinnamon whiskey I had……never again!

    Perhaps if it goes well they may consider unflavored also

  3. Kona says:

    No surprise coming from one of the most unfocused companies in the industry.