Acronym is a German clothing brand known for their innovative design. Acronym offers their clothing in a seasonal basis, with new designs coming twice a year. This video showcases the features of their J1A-GT Jacket amd gives you an idea of the type of innovation they put into their work.


9 Responses to “Acronymjutsu”

  1. Dave says:

    That was like watching a episode of Sprockets.

  2. chairborne says:

    Buy this if you dont want to blend in to the environment…

  3. Nevada says:

    With an equally stunning pricepoint. Acronym is very high end, but wonderful clothing.

    Not sure how much they do on the Mil/LE sector, but plenty of their design has some elements pulled from the tactical area.

  4. Dave II says:

    “Sprockets!” Priceless! Or, pricey….

  5. Mike Nomad says:

    Uh, wow. Amazingly well thought-out and engineered. Way out of my price range, but nice to see that someone can apply William Gibson-esque principals to Meat Space Clothing.

    • Z says:

      You may already know this, but William Gibson does wear Acronym clothes (seems to know the designer as well).

  6. Buckaroomedic says:

    I especially liked the model’s flash back sequence.