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WeatherWool Updates WarriorWool Program

We initially mentioned WeatherWool’s WarriorWool program last March. It enables donors to provide Al’s Anoraks to members of specific units of the US Military. WarriorWool donors can choose their recipient from the Navy SEALs, as well as the recently added Air Force Arctic Survival School or the Army’s 10th Mountain Division. Oftentimes, the benefactor receives a call or a note from the service member who receives the donated Anorak.

Al’s Anorak is made from American wool. They tell me they start with American sheep eating American grass and are a sheep to shirt operation. Yes, they are expensive. This is because they are American made in small batches from expensive fabric. However, the WarriorWool donation Anoraks are $350 rather than the $575 to purchase a personal Anorak.

Al’s Anorak incorporates a side zip, large kangaroo pocket, zippered phone pocket, zippered interior pocket, slotted buttons on the sleeve cuffs and front V opening, and an adjustable hood. It’s offered in sizes Small – 3XLarge.

After seeing Bill McConnell wear it on the Discovery Channel show, ‘Dual Survival’, I purchased one for myself at the 2016 NRA Show. The quality is great and the features are top notch, but I got the heavyweight model and that is a good description. Except in a pouring rain, I can wear it as an outer garment and I’m toasty down to freezing with merino underlayers but it is heavy. Venting under exertion is easy thanks to the side zip and button front. Additionally, the material is hardwearing.

The Anorak is available in FullWeight Fabric in BLACK, DRAB, DUFF and LYNX Pattern. It is also available in MidWeight Fabric in BLACK, DRAB and LYNX Pattern.


5 Responses to “WeatherWool Updates WarriorWool Program”

  1. Dev says:

    Their stuff is solid and looks good value (considering the US supply chain) but man they need a better website.

  2. Dellis says:

    Been waiting for First Spear smock to release but this might change my mind. These sure are beautifullunch crafted!

  3. Billiam says:

    I have a fullweight anorak in Duff, and it is by far one of my favorite garments I’ve ever bought. Cruising around in 35F temps with minimal layering was a breeze, and I even slept in it a few nights in low temps instead of using my bag.

  4. RALPH DIMEO says:

    Hi — This is Ralph from WeatherWool. THANKS for the article and for helping us with WarriorWool!!! YEP … I know I need to update the website. It works OK on a desktop but is difficult on a phone. We are really glad you are happy with your Anorak, Billiam! Thanks for letting us know!!

    We are available 24/7 and WeatherWool is always sold with a No-Risk guarantee. You can get a refund if you are not happy after a heavy-duty field test.

    Best Wishes and Here’s to the Spirit of ’76!!!

  5. Ralph DiMeo says:

    Hi SSD and Hi Dev! This is Ralph from WeatherWool …. Well … it took a while but we put up a new website. We are still transferring some of the content from the old website, but the new site is more up-to-date and is designed to work well from all devise. Also, we just finished updating the page on Soldier Systems:

    Thanks to Mr and Mrs Graves for their service, for this site, for wearing WeatherWool and for helping people get to know our company! — Ralph