TNVC Mohawk Sketch

It’s not very often we get to see product concept drawings. This one was drawn by TNVC’s Chip Laskey back in May of 2016 for thd Mohawk Mk1. Turns out, he has a degree in Industrial Design.

On Facebook, Chip related how it all came to be. The owner of TNVC wanted a simple nylon counterweight that included storage for mission critical gear. That was the only direction. But from that, the Mohawk series was born. A few sketches and a few concepts based on Chip’s real world experience and that of his bros at TNVC, then they sent the info off to our brother at explosiveopsgear to see if they would sew them. EOG has been making some of the best counterweights available. TNVC didn’t want to compete with a bro, so they asked him to build these exclusively for TNVC and they’ve been killing it.



7 Responses to “TNVC Mohawk Sketch”

  1. Archangel says:

    Very cool, thanks for sharing.

    Vic and his team are a class act, based on my experience.

  2. d says:

    That’s really cool. I wish we could see more of these from other manufacturers.

  3. Ian says:

    Awesome! It’s badass how gear companies will work together to creat a better product for the end user. One of the few industries where you have so much collaboration between companies that should be competing with each other

  4. Jon, OPT says:

    Jeff from EOG has been a great friend since he was with my unit in OIF, good to see him teamed up with an awesome outfit like TNVC on some original stuff.

  5. STEPAN1983 says:

    IFAK 2 meets IDF vest battery tray )))

  6. james says:

    Industrial designers are skilled at problem solving across many media / materials… very nice solution.

  7. Seamus says:

    Anyone else thinks it looks like a mini M18A1 Claymore Mine taped to the back of a helmet?