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Phokus Research Group Launches Updated Website And Education Division

At Warrior East I had a chance to catch up with Phokus Research Group. They’ve made some improvements we can all appreciate.

First off, they recently released an updated version of their website with special attention ti their most popular products.

Additionally, Phokus launched a New Education Division. When you think about it, it’s a natural progression. They’ve adapted to the changing landscape of society by introducing medical products into new markets for several years now. For instance, kits specifically for institutional use during active shooter and other mass casualty scenarios. In an emergency, such life saving gear would be used by amateurs. Naturally, they are going to require instruction on how to employ the gear. Consequently, Phokus has partnered with best-in-class training companies to ensure even the most inexperienced truly understand how to succeed in a life threatening situation. They’ve started by focusing on three areas that they already specialize in: Bleeding Control, Active Shooter, Emergency Preparedness. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this expand.


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