ORSM 17 – Darn Tough Vermont Introduces Graduated Compression Socks

Coming Spring 18, and offered in a Berry compliant version, Darn Tough Vermont is introducing a sock with graduated compression in the upper. It starts at 15 mm hg at the ankle and transitions to 12 mm hg at the top, with an average of 13 mm hg along the graduation. In addition to their custom knit arch support, the sock is made from their lightest weight Merino Wool yarn. This is a performance sock and not a medical grade compression sock, but it's intended for long-term wear. It doesn't constrict circulation.

This is a developmental version; look for an all Black version in Jan 18.


4 Responses to “ORSM 17 – Darn Tough Vermont Introduces Graduated Compression Socks”

  1. Gerard says:

    What are the benifits of a compression sock of this design? I wear regular Darn Tough merino socks daily

    • Adun says:

      It helps prevent the swollen legs and feet that often accompany long foot movements. Essentially, it helps increase blood flow from the extremity back to the heart, thus improving overall circulation.

      • Foamythedog says:

        They reduce edema-swelling. The mechanical pressure reduces fluid build-up.
        There’s no effect on blood flow in healthy people.

  2. rob371 says:

    Fingers crossed for OD version.