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ORSM 17 – LALO Tactical Jungle Boot

LALO Tactical is introducing their take on the classic jungle book. Offered with Black, OD, and Coyote side panels the boots integrate an interesting reinforcement to prevent ankle rolls. You can see the reinforcement in the photo and it works in conjunction with the laces to lock the heel in place and stabilize the ankle. 

On production models the drain holes on the on the instep will be eliminated due to the drainage built into the sole system.

The sole features the classic Panama tread and incorporates stippling at the instep for fast rope descents.

The boot will be manufactured in Cambodia, making them TAA compliant.


9 Responses to “ORSM 17 – LALO Tactical Jungle Boot”

  1. AbnMedOps says:

    Hmm. Now we’re getting somewhere! But what about stopping those punji sticks?

  2. Dave says:

    Maybe they should focus on quality control before expanding product line. Their current product lines don’t hold up past a couple months.

  3. Strike-Hold says:

    I dig that classic “jungle book” look, but shouldn’t they use Coyote Brown leather instead, since that’s what the Army has gone too now?

  4. Jack Boothe says:

    I wonder how much of “ankle roll” and “heel slip” is caused by boot design vice not lacing your boots properly using mountaineering lacing techniques? Since, someone showed me how to lace my boots using alpine mountaineering technique I have used it on all my sport shoes and boots and have had no trouble with heel slip or ankle roll.

    • CIMG says:

      do you mean lace lock at the top? or another technique, please share thanks!

  5. STEPAN1983 says:

    Jungle boot with lining is not a jungle boot

  6. Invictus says:

    Love that Panama sole!