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82nd Abn Div – M4A1 Preliminary Marksmanship Instruction Briefing

The 82nd Airborne Division’s Master Gunner has been doing some fantastic work. His latest is this Division Standard Preliminary Marksmanship Instruction PowerPoint briefing for use with the M4A1.

I highly encourage all armed professionals to take advantage of this great resource. It’s based on the latest Army publications and offered in PPT format so other units could easily take the briefing and tailor it.

Download your copy here.

16 Responses to “82nd Abn Div – M4A1 Preliminary Marksmanship Instruction Briefing”

  1. Ex Coelis says:

    Thank you for posting this!!

  2. I’ve seen a lot of variations on that diagram ‘explaining’ how a rifle zero should work at different ranges, also seen a lot of people really struggle with the concept. This depiction is the best crack at it I’ve witnessed thus far.

  3. AlexC says:

    “A Zeroing mark could be a piece of tree bark, Skoal can…”

    Haha. Someone knows their troops well. You know this powerpoint was not made by an officer when you read something like this.

    • PNWTO says:

      I’m still surprised someone hasn’t done a BDC reticle based off of Monster cans.

      We’d have boots landing klick shots.

  4. DUSTOFF says:

    The 82nd Master Gunner always puts out great products. He had a great Facebook page where he regularly posted great articles, but it seems to have disappeared, which is very disappointing.

  5. CWG says:

    “So other units can take the briefing and tailor it”

    Thanks for identifying everything that’s wrong with the (big) U.S. Army. This is why we still have pogue units jumping in and out of water filled fox holes every three rounds wearing full kit and wondering why no one can group.

    Fuck all that “add to” nonsense.

    Replace all former versions of PMI, and hand out relief for cause when people drag their ancient hodgepodge diarrhea compendiums to permnanatly instill poor marksmanship principals.

    Or we can keep shooting at magazine pouches with the M2, since you can’t use it on dismounts.

    • SSD says:

      Or maybe just get rid of the 82nd Airplane Gang unit identifiers and replace with home station.

      • CWG says:

        Sorry, my Corps/Div/BDE/BN CSM said in Panama when he was a joe someone told him the delta guys do BRM with rucksacks in the foxholes. Were gonna delete this dumb POA/POI whatever and do that for the next couple years, and any joes that don’t leave the Army will carry that forward another 20-40 years like herpes.

        You’re welcome America.

        I’m glad to see someone fixing something actually important, but it won’t change anything outside the XVIIIth.

      • AbnMedOps says:

        Or even better, do like one Chief of Staff of the Army said about 20 years ago – don’t change the unit identifiers on slides. He said. basically, feel free to cut-and-insert good, relevant slides from other units into all briefings, but leave the original fonts and identifiers intact so that proper attribution would be clear, and valuable time wouldn’t be wasted “prettying up” PowerPoint slides! Obviously, that didn’t last long…

  6. John Martin says:

    The scary thing is this could have been written 20 years ago by Red Pat (Patrick A Rogers) OR Green Pat ((Pat Goodale).
    Better late then never.

  7. Nathan Ring says:

    I can’t download it, says it’s been trashed from the drive. Bummer.

  8. Raymond Miller says:

    I had to.re hang it on the drive, as irnwouldnr let me edit it. I re-pasted the link, but it hasn’t updated completely yet. If you go to the Facebook page and click on the address in the post, not the PowerPoint slide. It should open up. If not, here it is: