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Radian Weapons – Raptor Ambidextrous Charging Handles for SIG MPX & SIG MCX


The Radian Weapons’ Raptor changing handle has become the gold standard for AR pattern rifles. Renowned for its ergonomics, Raptor models are now acailable for use with SIG’s MPX and MCX.


The included Support Arm, which replaces the factory spring plate/housing, biases the Raptor upward to minimize scratching or damage to the receiver often caused by the factory charging handle. These variants are compatible with all generations of semi-auto and full-auto SIG MPX/MCX firearms. The Support Arm is recommended but not required for Raptor installation, and is not compatible with factory SIG MPX/MCX charging handles.

Raptor for Sig MPX shipping now. Raptor for Sig MCX shipping late September.


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