BCB Launches FireDragon – Solid Bio-Ethanol Fuel Made From Sugar Beets To Heat Rations

Visitors to the world’s leading Defence and Security Trade event, DSEI, (12-15 Sep 2017, ExCel, London) will be able to see for themselves a new fuel made from sugar beet which British soldiers are now using to heat their combat rations and warm their drinks.

163 year old Cardiff-based survival equipment manufacturers, BCB International Ltd, have developed the world’s first solid bio-ethanol fuel called ‘FireDragon’. Following extensive laboratory and field trials, the UK’s Ministry of Defence (MoD) decided to replace traditional hexamine fuel tablets with the novel ‘FireDragon’ fuel which is made in Great Britain.

BCB International’s Managing Director, Andrew Howell, said: “Warm food raises a soldier’s morale, energy and concentration levels. Unfortunately, for far too long soldiers were also unknowingly inhaling toxic fumes each time they used hexamine fuel tablets to cook their food in the field.

“FireDragon is a safer and cleaner alternative. The FireDragon fuel boasts many features. It is made from sustainable natural ingredients, it is non-toxic, burns cleanly, can be ignited even when wet and if necessary can be used as a hand cleanser.”

Many Armies worldwide are still issuing their soldiers with hexamine fuel tablets. But as Andrew Howell explained, the British Army’s decision to make the switch to ‘FireDragon’ has encouraged other Armies to rethink their military rations heating fuel: “There is a growing body of evidence about the health risks associated with hexamine based fire-lighting fuels. This combined with the UK MoD’s decision to use a superior alternative, has led to those in charge of combat feeding programmes in other armies to reconsider hexamine’s suitability as a fuel for the future.

“We are currently in discussions with several armies that are interested in integrating ‘FireDragon’ into their operational ration packs.”

The fuel is supplied with a small lightweight cooker which can be packed with three ‘FireDragon’ fuel blocks.

BCB International will exhibit the ‘FireDragon’ fuel on its stand (N5-200).


9 Responses to “BCB Launches FireDragon – Solid Bio-Ethanol Fuel Made From Sugar Beets To Heat Rations”

  1. Union Jack says:

    I am disappointed. With the demise of Hexamine, how are we meant to craft ‘homemade confectionery’ (candy to our US colleagues) for the ‘delight’ of the local population when on operations?

    • Eddie H says:

      You still can. This new stuff is basically Hexi 2.0 – it’s a solid fuel with a folding metal cooker stand. It’s just less toxic when burnt.

      I imagine smearing the solid fuel in jam and throwing it to the local kids will be as hilarious now as it was in the 1950s

  2. JB says:

    Looks like Dwight is doing alright for himself after all these years. Beats, Blackbears, Battlestar Galactica.

  3. Hueydude says:

    When your enemy can buy cheap IR optics you’re gonna have a bad time. Just eat it cold, builds character

  4. Dev says:

    Not so sure about health hazards but scrapping off the fucking thing on the Cups; Canteen after use was always a nightmare.

  5. Foltio says:

    I have used this system in the field for British ROTC and I am telling you that it is not worth any benefits derived by ditching Hexamine. Hexamine still does the job and packs, as i know from burning through firedragon packs unacceptably quickly, much better quantities of thermal energy.

    If hexamine, or for short ops MRE heaters, does not work go for the hands down best lightweight system for sustained use – Meth spirits!;

    in a world where every ounce on your back is progress slowed on the march or another round of ammunition left behind firedragon is not good enough

    Not to mention that it leaves even worse residue than hexy and disgusting, possibly toxic, trash which you are going to pack out with you!

  6. JBAR says:

    I have used these Firedragon tabs and the gel from the squeeze bottles. They are quick to come to a full flame and burn well. The residue is nothing like Hexamine. The leftover residue is a small amount of white plastic looking material that is easily removed after it cools. It is also different than the US military gel packs of recent past. I have used these with both the old and new BCB Crusader canteen and cooking systems. Personally, I like it.

    • Foltio says:

      I can only speak for myself so whatever works for you dude; I haven’t used the bottled gel but that canteen *(if its mug shaped we’re talking about the same thing) is a great piece of kit which consolidates the weight of a mug.

      -Sic semper tyrannis