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DSEI 17 – Troy Introduces UK SP Side Pull Rifle

In order to comply with U.K. Firearms restrictions for center fire rifles, Troy has developed a side charging, single shot rifle in .223. As you can see, it retains its AR looks. Interestingly, it’s fed by a standard AR mag, although, local mag capacity rules apply.


Here, you can see the fixed charging handle.


This rifle would also be compliant in several US states and they are taking pre-orders now.



15 Responses to “DSEI 17 – Troy Introduces UK SP Side Pull Rifle”

  1. minn-kota says:

    Marketing suggestion for Troy: In “those states” market it as the rifle you use to acquire a more “full featured” rifle.

  2. Luke says:

    So which is it, single shot or magazine fed?

    and I wonder why they decided not to have the charging handle on the left side if they had to make a dedicated receiver anyway? I also wonder why this is preferable to the pump action troy carbine, the UK must be weirder then I thought.

    • SSD says:

      It’s a magazine fed single shot rifle. It’s operated by the charging handle. It’s not semi, or automatic.

      I guess you could ask why bolt action rifles don’t have the bolt on the left side.

      The pump is illegal in the U.K.

      • Luke says:

        A magazine fed bolt action, lever action, pump action, or straight pull isn’t called a single shot, why is this?

        • Kris says:

          Possibly it has some think to do with how the law is written in the UK or they may use different vernacular to describe manually operated vs semi auto firearms.

    • ThatBlueFalcon says:

      I’d wager that the charging handle is on the right so that it doesn’t interfere with QD optic mounts.

      • SSD says:

        Where is the charging handle on a 10/22? Where is a bolt, on a bolt gun?

        • Archer says:

          Where is the charging handle on an FAL, MP5, G3, AUG, or multitude of other systems?

          SSD, I don’t think that asking why they chose to go with a right hand charge is unreasonable, especially when nearly every other side charge AR on the market is opposite the ejection side or can be converted to go either way.

        • Luke says:

          and how many products have they cooked up for AKs to avoid the awkward reach around? I’m sure UK shooters are less anal about keeping their control hand on the weapon but I know some CA customers are going to notice.

  3. Diddler says:

    If it is fed by a mag, it’s not a single shot. Lacking the ability to cycle under ones own power does not not make it “single shot,” it makes it manually operated. A Ruger No. 1 is single shot. The Troy pump action rifle isn’t single shot, neither is a K31 or Model 70.

  4. I would be surprised if the cocking handle can’t be changed sides with that symmetrical cut on the left side of the upper I have to say, could definitely appeal to a lot of rifle shooters here from what I’ve seen.

    Thanks for thinking of us Troy, always solid products.

  5. end user says:

    Came to read retarded comments and was not disappointed.