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DSEI 17 – CTOMS Packs Systems

CTOMS has been working on pack systems.


What started as a Medical Pack project for CTOMS has morphed into a more generic pack which can be configured for a wide variety of applications by the user. This is the third generation of the 2nd Line pack.


One of the efficiencies CTOMS has realized while developing packs is that they’ve gone to a standard shoulder strap and belt systems. The suspension system seen here is for wear with armor. You’ll note the enhanced lumbar support to fill the gap at the lower back along with stabilizers along the side.


Additionally, they’ve added the capacity for a waist belt which is modular. It features both PALS webbing as well as a gear loop. There are zippers down each side of the rear panel of the pack in order to attach mission panels. They are also working on a MALICE frame retrofit for this pack.


The next pack is the Resolute. It’s a big, boxy pack which is intended for mounting on wall systems or on aircraft for quick access to medical gear.


It will accept the new suspension system and mission panels.


The Assault pack (seen below) has been updated to make it compatible with the rest of the line. For instance, they added Zippers at the rear panel to accommodate mission panels. The pack itself is a mission panel and can be connected to the other packs.



They’ve also developed the Alert pack which is a smaller version of the Assault pack and can be seen to the right in the photo below. It too will function as a mission panel.


The D2 Bag is a second generation fanny pack. They modified the shape to offer better usage of the space. It also has a full HDPE liner which can be removed and replaced with a modlable splint. You use the pack waist belt to turn this into a waist pack for down the hoist ops.


CTOMS has introduced their version of the tried and true M-3 tri-fold combat lifesaver bag. They removed the flap, made it larger and added Velcro so you can add tags.


Finally, CTOMS offers a wide variety of internal organizers which can be seen mounted throughout the article.



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