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Mean Gene Leather – “HotTamale” Ver 2.0 Less-Lethal Coin Purse 


I ran into Mean Gene at Fort Bragg yesterday and he showed me his latest creation, the “HotTamale” Ver 2.0 Less-Lethal Coin Purse. People don’t carry Coin Purses anymore, but MGL’s versions are made from high quality leather and offer a personal defensive measure when filled with your spare change.


3 Responses to “Mean Gene Leather – “HotTamale” Ver 2.0 Less-Lethal Coin Purse ”

  1. Defensor fortismo says:

    I have the original on my belt every day. It looks like this will ride much higher and closer to the belt making it more discreet , but I wonder if the shorter length will result in less leverage for the swing. The grip also looks easier to hold under stress.

    • mike says:

      The more important thing to me is that this look way more discrete and easy to correctly identify as a coin purse.

      I mean I have a leather coin purse from Foster Impact Devices that looks more like the V1 shape and I’ve traveled internationally with it in my carry on with zero problems, but there are places in the US I wouldn’t be so confident that I wouldn’t catch a charge if it came up. I really like the look of this V2 and hope to own one soon!

  2. another_Ed says:

    This, Officer? Why it is merely tube socks and rolls of quarters!