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Blac-Rac Weapons Retention Mounts Now Available To The Public

Blac-Rac Manufacturing in Boise, Idaho started making its Blac-Rac Weapons Retention Mounts for Law Enforcement agencies in 2006. Today there are more than 30,000 units in service with Law Enforcement, Government agencies and all USA Military branches. These agencies and military units depend on Blac-Rac’s for their reliable security and fast deployment. Blac-Rac’s will also adjust to nearly all weapon types. These include: All AR models and other modern tactical rifles, shotguns, bolt action rifles as well as semi auto pistols and revolvers. Blac-Rac’s flexible design also accommodates fully accessorized weapons. There is no need to remove optics, lasers, or flashlights or any other accessories. Blac-Rac’s are built with vibration-dampening padded grip plates that prevent movement and marring of the weapon. They are extremely durable and long lasting and guaranteed for life. Blac-Rac’s design also restricts access to take down pins, trigger group and magazine release and will accommodate 30 rd magazines. Blac-Rac’s will fit into all Law Enforcement and Military vehicles and are also used to secure weapons on ships, boats, planes, arms rooms, UTV’s and ATV’s.

Blac-Rac’s have never been available to the public until NOW. The Blac-Rac Model 1070 is now authorized to sell to civilians and can be mounted in your homes, ATV’s, UTV’s, or personal vehicles. Feel free to email us at [email protected] for a dealer near you and check us out on line at Blac-Rac.com. Secure Your Weapons Today and welcome to Blac-Rac.

8 Responses to “Blac-Rac Weapons Retention Mounts Now Available To The Public”

  1. Mr.E.G. says:

    Any reason this wouldn’t work with a CZ Scorpion Evo 3? What do these typically go for?

    • Casey Foster says:

      These will work great for the Scorpion Evo . No issue. Retail on these is $399 plus whatever mount you need.

  2. Nate says:

    These racks are AWFUL. Our negligent and stupid fleet manager bought these over our ongoing objections and despite the fact that it wasn’t his Department’s money. He should have been fired, but instead we got stuck with these for two years worth of replacement vehicles instead of the preferred rack.

    They do not fit in a vehicle the way others do and take up way too much space for their supposedly “minimalist” configuration. They lack the ability for quick and easy deployment while still in the vehicle the way their competitors do (think “I am a couple blocks out from the call and want my stuff ready to roll before I am in ‘park’ and all”). They have a clunky unlock and have a really, really stupid protrusion in the trigger guard. If you are always spot on with your unload cycle and return to “cruiser ready,” its fine. If you aren’t…well, I know folks who deservingly got paper after NDs from this rack. What a horribly stupid design…no rack should ever have something that would actuate the trigger. That is almost as bad as a holster that would do that. Do not like these racks. They are stupidly designed and are on my NFE list.

    • bobby johnson says:

      My guess is that our pal “Nate” here is from one of the companies that makes the incredibly insecure competition. The one a recent video shows can be defeated in about 10 seconds. My department has had the blac rac for years, and I can say for certain Nate is full of shit. The racs deploy faster than any other, the trigger guard protrusion is necessary to keep the guns from being brute force attacked, and the unlocking mechanism is as good or better than any other.

      Maybe instead on blasting ND’s through the roof, you should review your weapon safety rules. You have to break two in order to get an ND when re-racking. know the status of your weapon, and engage the safety dick head.

    • Camille Olson says:


      We at Blac-Rac are very sorry that your department had a bad experience with our weapons mounts. We strive to make sure that every department and officer is able to use our weapons mounts to the best of their ability. Safety and security are 2 very important issues to us.

      After rigorous testing in the field regarding the deployment and safety factor by one of the largest police departments in the United States they deemed Blac-Rac the fastest deploying and safest weapons mount available. There are 2 Blac-Racs spec’d into each of their 1400 vehicles with no issues for the last 6 years. Also Blac-Racs are guaranteed for life unlike any other competitor on the market. We are in all branches of the Military and police departments both large and small all across the United States. As of this time we have been made aware of 2 ND – in the 9 years we have been in production. The warning sticker on each and every one clearly states “The Blac-Rac system does not eliminate the need for safe weapons handling. NEVER chamber a round while using the Blac-Rac.

      As for the trigger post, if you do not follow protocol to make your weapon “cruiser ready” you could have a ND. However, the trigger post works with the eccentric post to keep the weapon secure. The pads cover the take down pins, trigger group, and magazine release. All of these things work together to keep your weapon safe from anyone stealing it.

      Without knowing what type of vehicle you have or how they were mounted I cannot attest to the fit. I would say that we have them mounted in most every make of car, truck, van or SUV and work diligently to make sure the fit is correct. I would ask if your department purchased directly from Blac-Rac or from one of our distributors? Did anyone contact us directly to see if the problems your department encountered could be solved in a reasonable fashion?

      We hope that your department now has a weapons system they are happy with and will continue to keep their officers and weapons safe and secure.

      Camille Olson
      Blac-Rac Mfg

    • Don says:

      Very unfortunate to read comments like NATE made here. Just tells me this guy is a REMF. For all of us that use Blac-Racs on a daily basis there is no other weapons rack like it on the market. Weapons are super fast to deploy from these racks and the weapon is totally secure. We haven’t had any issues what so ever with these racks in all the years our dept has had them. In fact our entire dept is going to these racks because of our experience with them. They are rock solid, and we can easily change out weapons on a shift change without any issues or adjustments to the rack. You can also run accessories on your handrail with no interference unlike any other rack.

      As far as ND’s are concerned. If any officer doesn’t know his weapon is hot before he re-racks it, then he shouldn’t be issued a rifle. We have never had a ND in this dept from a Blac-Rac in all the years we have had them. That goes back to basic training. Maybe Nate needs to get out from behind his desk and seek out some good instruction before he goes bad mouthing really good products. Sounds like they should have given fleet manager a raise and fired Nate.

  3. Mike says:

    I’ve used them for a couple years and like them. Haven’t had any ND issues and they fit well in our cars with two racks. I haven’t had any issues getting the rifle out of the rack quickly. Just my thoughts on it.